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Talk about this real quick because it is the talk of the town the talk of the pacific northwest what is gonna happen with the head tax and mike told his days ago he thinks there's a possibility that the mayor could take this veto it it might be a very smart political move for her right to do just that let's check the cars now with tracy taylor brought to you by michael's toyota bellevue then we'll come back and touch on that at nine eight nine seven three we'd love some of your text messages on this too i think it's not for mike o'brien step down i think he's taken things much to personally and of course the fishermen are going to escort you to the door without your wife i'm here for the should be able to leave with your i think you should be able to leave with the person became what about not being able to read the wrong is ways in heaven do that later traffic brought to you by bicoastal w what do you see guys the i know you see sunny skies here in seattle but that's not the case in south king county and i'm going to tell you why your drive right now just doubled from seattle to federal way to eighty eight there is a wreck there that is taking up if not two lanes of travel right now or at least it looks like that on the cameras nonetheless it has done its damage we're looking at a fifty five minutes from seattle to federal way because of this reckon the backup starts from the duwamish river curves all the way up to the scene southbound ninety nine might not be a bad option for drivers right now just trying to get into midway southbound one six seven lineup from just after valley medical center heading into kent it where it may be sunny for some it is rating for others and that's what we're dealing with right now especially for drivers outside of auburn on highway eighteen especially right around auburn way if you are headed northbound on i five the drive time is not that bad actually seattle to everett sitting at about an hour are bellevue to ever drive also sitting at about an hour there is.

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