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They limited the transition space for 18 Mike England and they had their wingers pressed worried about sergino dest and Anthony Robinson the way they pressed them. So it's a young team England somehow they aboard the naivete of the Americans. Yeah, they also, their major players in bigger teams and leagues. With bigger roles. With bigger roles, yes. Yes. All right, so we just mentioned it. England heading through to the quarterfinals where they will meet friends. Who just played against Poland earlier tonight. In a game that hurt many thought might be Friends. Against Mexico, alas, it was not that Al du mama stadium. You said Mexico would make it. Yeah, but many thought many thought, not me, that Mexico could finish second in their group. And I got to get you called it a while ago. I saw Mexico would have made it. I don't know that that was me being right. I think that was just maybe classically said pessimist, but we get to that later. You were right. Giroux scoring in the 44th minute off an assist from Mbappé open the scoring for France and then in bapa taking over in the second half. He scored a goal in the 74th. Another go to lasso in the first minute of stoppage time. Robert Lewandowski gets the golden hour for Poland via penalty, a retaken penalty in the 9th minute of stoppage time, three won the final France through to the quarterfinals. Or again, they will face England. Hurt this France team looks good. Are you getting 2018 vibes all over again from levy mad vibes? And the reason we say 2018 is because they started off not so great, right? And kept heating up every single round. There you go, you're all time goals for France overtakes cherry on Reed. That's insane to me. Because this man didn't score a goal last World Cup. He's also like one of those classic players that I feel like is underappreciated.

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