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Make sure that they're up to snuff yeah well i don't know if we go that far but we're we're definitely sampling checking every day there's a lot of science that goes into it and just trying to monitor the best we can and anything we can do to alter what we can out here to make sure that we already do but at the end of the day we are still at mother nature's nursery mercy and this year she's been pretty kind she gave us a lot of sun here in march i can't complain about that at the temperatures would just elevate a little bit we'd be pretty much midseason formats in some ways does the the winter weather take into effect what you can and can't do with with the tar fell hundred percent so the people i don't know if they understand the winner overall they look at it as a whole we were pretty dry so this year we were really monitoring moisture throughout the winter trying to make sure that we weren't too dry so we drive down a little bit more this year but you know there's there's only certain things we can do and if we have to make some adjustments in this regard we turned the water on earlier than we ever have to to the to the dry winter we really had so we're trying to adjust as we can't just because of what we are live with miller practice rector of grounds make becher you're on wtmj so this isn't just you've got to be a chemist you gotta be scientists to do this job don't you yeah i mean there's a lot of research that we're doing constantly and i talked about microbial dormancy you know we look at soil types we're monitoring our soil types every day we got sensors in our soil that are telling us where we're at right now we've had very minimal time of proper soil temperatures actually get the grass to do much so we're we're constantly looking at it and see how we how we can approve and overall does mainly the tweaks that we can make with our resources that we have to get her to a certain point just to make sure that we're ready for this big day.

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