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And unlike most contractors, not raising prices call at 60 to fix my a C d e and K T R N is the high Today 107 with mostly sunny skies We have a 30% chance of rain possibly thunderstorms clear tonight with a low of 87 Partly cloudy tomorrow with a 30% chance rain in a high of 104. Your weather is brought to you by Howard Air. Time now for sports with Luke Lipinski from the Parker and Sons, heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical sports desk. Well, the sun's going to have to do it without Chris Paul again. Game two of the Western Conference finals against the Clippers is tonight and Paul is still in the league's health and safety protocols after a positive covid test last week. Meanwhile, Ella is missing quite Leonard again to the Sons one Game one on Sunday. 1 21 14. Had a Devin Booker triple double, and they have a chance to take a commanding two. Oh, lead tonight. Tip off at six on 98 7 FM Arizona Sports Station Baseball. The D backs can finally put that 17 game losing streak behind them. They got a 51 victory over Milwaukee last night. It's their first win since June, 1st. They will look to build on it tonight when the same two teams meet again, Zack, Gallon on the mound. First pitch 6 40 on ESPN. 6 20 that sports I'm Luke Lewinsky Gate er news. Hey, do you want to make them? Most money. The Windies restaurant in your area has issued a major bag alert. Alert. Major bag. The bacon double Stack is back in the big bag with fries, Nugzar and the drink all for just five bucks. The following are to be expected Joy, disbelief, inability to think about anything else. This deal is effective immediately, and it's only at Wendy Major bag. Back back color. Major piggyback includes four piece nuggets small fry in small drink US pricing participation may vary, so we got our A C replaced at Casa Calvi. See, right. Finally, as my wife would say, Well, finally, we found someone weaker Trust day and night air conditioning, heating and plumbing. Been serving the valley.

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