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Highs fromthe low seventies to the mid eighties. This report is brought to you by superwoman super lawyer dot com from the Southern California to enter dealers Traffic Center. We make it easy. It's crashed on the five Mission Viejo on the five south of Crown Valley Parkway. That's a wreck with a couple of cars, the left lanes taken away, so the volume begins for you right around the paws Road, Bellflower. There's a crash and then anyone West found a Downy avenue. That's where the left lanes taken away. And your drive is pretty rough from Bellflower Boulevard Ko Phi, and this guy is sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Bossy and some clearing on the 1 70 You bet on Fernanda Valen now going through North Hollywood Great news that you were looking a little while ago. Another this way was a very complicated crashed south 1 70 Sherman Way left a car driver upon the center divider very quickly was going to be there for a long time. So It was stopped from Roscoe. But now slow but starting to move again, coming approaching Sherman way the cars went off victory. Believe so after that the Caltrans work on that towards 1 34. Really not too bad at all. And speaking of the 1 30 40 leaving Glenn now going west West 1 34. Now past five correspond supposed large debris in the right lane. Be careful if you're approaching that, please injured in an accident. Business superwoman super lawyer dot com K f I and this guy. Countered by the Auto Club of Southern California. I and this guy helps get you there faster. I'm robbing banks. Are you paying too much for auto insurance, visit triple a dot com slash insurance for free quote and find out how much you could save. Find competitive.

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