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Cool. That'd be nice. I'm skilled at stealth and infiltration. I've hunted these lands for a long time of prefer to approach by night. Once we make our attack, we could perhaps bring light but I cannot fly up to them stealthily during the day never nods and attention to be a problem. I could checkout ahead now. Okay. These ones I mean I can see in the dark and so can narmer. Well aren't you all special double check this city as low light vision. He can see someone of the dark well. We need to get close to our enemies to fight them. Most of them. Then I suppose we should get some rest pair what we can prepare for that. We have the afraid to deal with. We'll see we'll find out. Of A free but they never actually had one myself. Going to sleep right now, right don't you have to sleep for two als for two hours? Yes. Well, I'M GONNA go to sleep in your tenth and thank you hon she goes and sleeps. Desai's brock breaking from sugar also says, thank you. Thank. You sued you can't understand me. faintly glowing because she ate the Scorpion. Off. It was delicious. Out of the Satchel she slipped away. Goodness can make some kind of Scorpion chicken hired. She. Can't take. Dish Magic. Still, a powerful herself. Eternal struggle between the familiar continue. Rest up for the evening. He sits up for some time with Sudi. The two of them riddle Masika hanes out. Like internal cavity and promises him, she'll buy him a little backpack because she doesn't need stones and Allman and Scorpions getting stuck in his gears don't Oh my button collection get. Thrown it away she just puts it in her back for now what if we needed these buttons or the screws collected them where every need to? Well I have them but I don't want them rattling around in you. Okay. Yeah, what if they get stuck in a gator and then suddenly you can fly anymore it'd be pretty crappy. She's only looking out for you. Sure I basically just treat my chest cavity elected drawer you having your house like I. Know Parts are leftover from making a dash but I don't know what else she go to keep them. Anyway I've got at least four Allen wrenches. I don't take anymore. Could. Go to. Always. Need some new killer next bookshelves? The party rest for the evening awakens the following morning. I. Imagined sets off, prepares your spells good and actually actually during the evening go ahead and have. Sudi Gordon have. made me a perception check. Great. Irony in eleven twenty nine very well at one point later on the in the evening begins to approach closer to dawn. You do very distantly here this horrifying howling scream. Pleasant. But other than that the evening passes uneventfully. Well, that's not worth waking everybody up over. So city made sure to mention that at the in during the breakfast. You know pre preparations. gloser than before that's a good question voice in the sky. It's still sounded distant but you're not entirely positive how distant. I think we've got some time. All right everyone I'm GonNa make myself and then as soon as we get close ish, we're GonNa all huddle up I'm gonNA give us all ours as synergy fires I did a communal one we can. We can split the duration so we have to be fairly close when I cast on your at Resist Twenty I'll give it to our new. Friend Too Nice to get like twenty minutes I think if I split that correctly twenty minutes, we're going to charge right in then well, I was going to wait until like this place was in sight. Okay. Okay. That's worth 'cause like if you catch it now we're never going to be gone by the time we get there. Well, that's why I said when we get there I may. Be doing a night attack I mean I would assume. So considering that was the strategy that she said was do a Pre dawn situation. To be fair, they did a night attack probably previously and that didn't seem to work out so great for them. So that's fair. Also she can fly by herself she wants to, but that's not going to be great for her. So I mean we're going to be walking I. Thought that she was supposed to like only help us if we asked her to help us which we haven't Mr Remembering that I think she's going to help us I thought the whole reason she came with us was. Supposed to be witnessing is. Yasuda you were charged with keeping her safe. Yeah, exactly. So I don't really want her flying into combat where she could get hurt. Yeah. So we'll just go to normal time and she can hang out with me the squishy one in the back to. Surmise that she has no ranged options. Give her one of those bows we've gotta? They have racist. She has class level. She has a racial proficiency with seminars because they're trained from birth but no proficient with a no proficiency with other martial weapons. Wow. So she they do all their hunting and everything with like a scimitar or bare hands to give you an idea of their ability is They get a raptor dive where they can more or less do a a charge at double its flow double. They're flying speed descending and get a full attack upon reaching their target. Wow. Is Insane. Basically this palce. Okay. Until she gets her. She has her sister fire twenty. Imagine that once you get there so You. All set off. Make your way travel overland for. Some time it's later in the afternoon, not approaching sunset, but you'd say, maybe three or four, the afternoon the sun still beating down on all of you. I imagine you're still casting spells for Andrew elements. Okay does making since you were going full bore combat. Sir. Well. Has It cast on herself because she prepares when every day for her. Unless it's a second level spell and that I could easily prepare it because I don't have I have one open slot. Durham, it's the first element is first level but communal its second level. So I will just use that slot problem. Sorry Enduring Cuba and that you get twenty four hours and you can do divided and duration of one hour increments amongst the creatures touched. So everyone but Masika so all the rest of you get eight hours. Okay. Cool. But I just looked up all the heat stroke rules. Toil. Disappointed tonight petits the heat stroke rules. For that. It'd be going into that fight fatigue quite probably but sad.

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