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By the time of join staff. Investigators had found gasoline at the bottom of the stairs. So this was when the first clue came out that the fire had been deliberately started. And then of course, they looked at Philpott right away road. But it was Lisa Willis who's arrested after Philpott to make comments and suggestions that she was responsible for the fire as an act of revenge. But it was soon clear that she had no grudge against Marin or the children who she had actually cared for and treated as her own. So she had an alibi ended up being quickly released and ruled out as a suspect, and she seemed much more upset than Marie did. About her own children. No kidding. And she loved those kids. Of course, she taking care of them as their own for years as well. Some mickan Morad said that they had been with their friend Pomo xlii until one thirty AM when he left to return to his house. They said that they had fallen asleep in the conservatory while they were cuddling on the sofa, and they were woken up by the fire sometime after four AM, they exited the house from downstairs door, then they found a ladder and attempted to rescue the children who they thought were all in the back bedroom upstairs. So let's go out on a limb here and say, okay, we've decided we're gonna start a fire in this house to frame the ex girlfriend and get custody of those kids back. But then they don't even make sure that they know where the kids are. Right. So it's so careless. So the they might not be able to rescue them. Anyway, exactly. I'm just wonder was there Kahal involved. What was going on here? He was a pretty heavy drink. Ker? Yeah. He was wouldn't surprise me that alcohol was involved. Well, and Paul Moseley was involved too. We believe the other thing that recently, varnished, the stairway. Which was a great accelerator for the fire. L G. Yeah. I could imagine even if you think in we'll just start this little fire by the front door, and they'll be smoking will rescue the kids and be heros, a could spent pretty quickly with advice on the walls, and it did. And it was. And it was it was a fireball basically flew up the stairs into the bedrooms and the two parents weren't upstairs near the kids either. Nope. This is just a complete disaster though at the hospital. Mick Philpott was overheard telling his wife that it wasn't meant to end like this and in the back of a policeman. He was hurt asking rid are. We sticking to the story. Well, that makes me suspicious. Well, police were immediately suspicious. The evidence led to the couple's arrest on may twenty nine. I they were arrested for murder, but then the charges were later changed to manslaughter. How do you feel about that? I mean, I guess that's all they could do because there was no sign that these parents wanted the children dead. No. But I would take the stance that they should have known that setting the fire could have resulted in children's deaths. Yes. So I would have gone after them with murder. The I'm not sure how the law works in England that way, but I would think maybe negligent homicide, but whatever the case is this something you can try with. Yeah. We don't Bruton. I dunno know, no will in turn those arrests. Brought about a chain reaction people who knew the couple felt like they could share their suspicions with police. Finally, investigators put the Philpot sup in a hotel, and they bugged their room. So they were arrested. End. Intern those arrests brought about a chain-reaction people who knew them felt like they could share their suspicions now with the police. Investigators put the Philpot s- in Tel and they bugged their room on may nineteenth just over a week after the fire they listened as Philpott told Marie to perform a sex act on their friend, Paul Moseley. The thirties would later accuse Moseley of taking the guests lean can away from the scene of the fire. So he was in on it. He definitely was they believed that Philpott was using Marie to give mostly sex to keep him on their side to keep him from talking pretty cheap, doesn't he? Well, these people are not the best people bunch of idiots by that time. The thoroughly investigated Philpott s- background, and they knew that he had a history of reacting to things with violence and dishonesty if a woman left him, and they knew that he had a history of reacting with violence and dishonesty if a woman ever left him, and this included his attempted murder of Kim hill because the media was focused mainly on Nick and Meridian Moseley was not in the public eye much. He turned out to be a father of two who is living with his long term girlfriend Helen, and he was a longtime friend of mix both

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