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Jurors through look McDonald's autopsy in Jason Van Dyke murder trial auditory Chicago police commander linked to dozens of allegations of torture has died. New effort to raise taxes on e cigarette. Users is burning brightly at city council for this is Jeff Johnny activity faith in the NFC defensive player of the week as the bears prepare for the cardinals cubs. Are starting Cole hamels tonight in Arizona. The White Sox. Take on the Indians in business was a mixed bag for stocks. The Dow up one hundred fifty nine points. Nasdaq lower by six I'm Melissa perennial. Bloomberg pie today of seventy eight seventy one and Klaudia to hear the news watch continues at three thirty one. News is half hour. The latest information from the Wisconsin town of Middleton where police man with a gun burst into a software company and started firing reportedly shot in moved to three people to run ten thirty this morning before offers shot individually killed him orlean mecum works next door. She says she had a co worker lock their office doors and hit when they heard gunshots. Scared nervous. Not knowing what's going on. You know, what to expect police have not yet explained the connection between the gunman the company where he opened fire we're expecting to your updated information from investigators in the next hour. It is day three of Jason Van Dyke murder trial. Cook County chief medical examiner has been on the stand saying it's impossible to determine the exact order of the wounds of the black teenagers suffered from sixteen shots that were fired by a police officer, doctor Bonnie Aaron Kumar tells prosecutors that there were twenty four holes on seventeen year old Liqun McDonald's body that is because eight of the shots left entrance and exit wounds caused death does multiple gunshot wounds. What was the manner of death to look on McDonald the manner of this homicide video shows Van Dyke opening fire as McDonald walked away from police with a small knife in one hand in two thousand fourteen the infamous former Chicago police commander accused of torturing confessions out of dozens of criminal suspects is diabetes. Posting condolences on its Facebook page to the family members. Overtired commander Jon Burge who died at the age of seventy Chicago reportedly paid out one hundred twenty million dollars in settlements connected to wrongful convictions linked confessions obtained under Burge repeatedly denied torturing eating one. But he served a four and a half year sentence for lying to investigators about torture. The park forest. Police department is the latest to release a version of the lip sync challenge, and it celebrates the journey of a police officer who was shot in the head more than two years ago. The video shows Tim Jones in a wheelchair surrounded by members of the department. He's wearing a sleeveless t.

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