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Of the wall. As an Israel Palestine. Where did where did? Where does the person? Lives at sixteen hundred Pennsylvania Avenue. Hopefully, not for long. Get the idea that walls are so effective. And I've seen the wall in Palestine. And it it if it in many ways encapsulates the whole history that that is talking about. And. To assume that we can only we can talk about conditions in the US without referring them to what is happening in the world. What is happening in the Middle East? What is happening in Brazil where you have a version of the current occupant of of sixteen hundred Pennsylvania Avenue that is even worse than the one. We are experiencing if if you had imagined that that was possible. I think that. It's very sad that we now are in possession of the communications technology that allows us to be in touch with people all over the world this. We didn't always have this. As a matter of fact, I'll say parenthetically, and some of you may be aware of the fact that that there's a little controversy going on in Birmingham. Alabama. And so. I'm the day that the whole thing broke. My sister was in South Africa doing work there. And she wanted to put me in touch with someone in Berkeley pastor, Mike in Berkeley. Right. Yeah. Who could put us in touch with people on the ground in Birmingham. So within a short period of time this call from South Africa. I talked to fast. You know, this is possible. These days. And I will maybe we can talk a little bit about Birmingham later. But but right now what I want to focus on is lack of an internationalist consciousness. The fact that when we when we think about. What it is that we would like to see in a just world. We usually only imagine this country. And that's problematic. Whoever told us that the nations where the best forms of of human community. As a matter of fact, we're witnessing right now. The the fact that the nation has become so obsolete given given the fact that there are people coming from Central America. People who have whose lives have been placed in jeopardy largely as a result of the flow of capital from the US. To.

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