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Hi, Pete. You're talking about it. Ravens Steelers game already postponed to Sunday Now in real danger being postponed again. Former Ravens testing positive for covert 19, including braiding and BP. Lamar Jackson is that nine people in the Ravens organization to test positive in the last week that includes five players. On the field. Washington took total control of the fourth quarter 21 unanswered points. They dismantle the Cowboys 41 16 Antonio Gibson, three touchdown runs piled up a buck 15 on the ground. Alex Smith, the TD Pass or Montas sweat at the 15 Yard. Pick six. They jump in front of the Eagles, now for first place in the NFC East, Bourne, seven Cowboys or three and eight. Texans. They made it three wins and four games. They wax the Lions 41 25 Shawn Watson stealing the show 318 yards in the air and four touchdown passes his big We just got to keep that momentum, this energy going and Um, you know, we we gotta make sure that we remember these thieves moments in these times out there after a win, because it feels really, really good. So we don't want to feel that that losing, you know, atmosphere in that locker room. We want to keep being positive. Well, Fuller was his favorite target. Six catches a buck 71 2 touchdowns there now for in seven. Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald tested positive for covert 19. He's obviously out for Sunday against the Patriots and the Browns, forced to shut down their team facilities after a second positive Kobe 19 tests and as many days College troops is upon us his top ranking Zepp egg again? No, if their season on the right foot. And often embark, troublesome left double past back right side. Pittsburgh fakes The three drives pull up jumper from the right wing all met just I say he's been cold Corey. His work knocks down the jump shot from the right side. 78 71 bulldog zags able to finish off number six, Kansas one or 2 90 per mark. Few 600 Curve Victory Thomas in the call from their field. House. Remember three Villanova downed 18th ranked Arizona State. 83 74 number in Illinois rolled. Chicago ST 97 38 15 Frank, West Virginia Top VCU 78 66 College Football Saturdays. USC Colorado Game canceled. That was thanks to covert 19 protocols with USC. So Colorado is now going to take on San Diego State. Instead, an MBA.

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