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Everyone everyone does. Everyone takes a harder classes. I so like second semester so easy to drink not really care about it. I mean how about Even if they don't play baseball this year breath guard like like he's going to be an whole. Nother you're older like I'm sure he'll be back. But I also wonder how this affects like luxury tax shift because like the red SOx traded mookie right to get under the luxury tax with price so now they under go next door with a whole `nother year. I don't know how it is Mukhi of allowed to go back there like I don't know what's going on with contracts. Schumer just advances giving. It's gotta be like I think it should pause. Yeah has like there can't be another whole new free agent class next year. 'cause you have yeah right? I would think like our coal still has nine years left on his contract. I would think everything just pauses for you own one month style. I don't know what could you imagine this? I was thinking about this show. What if they're not able to play season it gets too late? They scrapped the season and then everything gets better. But it's too late to have a full season. So then they actually take the Astros World Series title and then they actually just the Yankees dodgers for the twenty seven world series. Now because there's enough time to play that series but we can't do anything else that could happen. Let's do that. When would you guys be opposed? So.

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