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Month in each year that left four us soldiers dead npr's tom bowman says about a dozen us forces were patrolling with nigerian forces when they were attacked the takeaway was first of all that the american troops didn't call for support and call for help up until an hour into this attack that's new that's something we didn't know before and pretty much immediately in american drone came overhead an armed drone was taking a surveillance pictures of the attack and then within an hour we had dome french warplanes and helicopters after his come over and neither the american drone nor the french aircraft fired any shots by that time it appears that the attack had come to an end npr's tom bowman general dunford says the pentagon is investigating but that he still doesn't know many details about how the attack occurred he says that families have the soldiers killed and all americans deserve answers a pair of prodemocracy activists in hong kong are free on bail pending appeals of their sentences npr's rob schmitz reports the activists were convicted of charges stemming from the roles and protests held three years ago dissident joshua wong in formerly slater nathan law were released after serving two months of sixmonth sentences the two were sent to prison for storming hong kong government headquarters three years ago in 2016 nathan law became the city's youngest ever lawmaker but was removed from his post after a court ruled that he used unacceptable words and dubious tones during his oath of office which required him to declare loyalty to china hong kong has been a semiautonomous region of china since 1997 but wong inlaws case has been at the heart of the debate about whether china's government is wroting the territory's autonomy their release conditions include surrendering their passports and checking in with police every week rob schmitz npr news shanghai you're listening to npr news from washington this is wnyc in new york four minutes after six o'clock good morning i'm david first sixty nine degrees in central park showers and thunderstorms so wind advisory in effect today going up to a high around seventy two the morning commute looks good right now a.

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