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Weinstein's lawyer says he quote unequivocally denies allegations of nonconsensual sex mandela than baticle npr news insurance regulators say this months wildfires in northern california have caused at least a billion dollars worth of damage to insured property the fires north of san francisco have destroyed about seven thousand homes and businesses the fires are blamed for the deaths of at least forty two people north of san francisco most of the fires have occurred in cinema county in the state's wine country for the second time in less than a week there's been a shooting on the campus of virginia state university seraya winter smith with member station w cv says one person was wounded late last night the lockdown lasted about three hours as virginia state university police chesterfield county police cleared the sea officials say the shooting happened about eleven pm one man who suffered lifethreatening gunshot wounds with taken to the hospital police are still investigating another shooting that occurred on campus saturday no word yet on whether the two incidents are related that seraya winter smith with w cv reporting virginia state university is in petersburg about twenty three miles south of richmond wall street futures are higher this morning this is npr news from washington baseball the los angeles dodgers are heading to the world series after beating the chicago cubs last night 11 to 1 the dodgers won the nlcs four games to one the advance to their first world series since 1988 the dodgers will play the winner of the american league championship series between the new york yankees in the houston astros the yankees lead the aol cs three games to two game 6 is tonight in houston.

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