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John Beck back here on our radio network. And so you're being drafted into Miami into that situation, obviously it got totally blown up right after that one in 15 season. This is also a tale about how you need to be successful in the NFL, the nature versus nurture or anything like that. You still do need, no matter how talented you are, got to wind up in the right spot with a stable organization and a coach who's not going to be blown out and if starters get hurt that you can be ready or if you're thrown into a situation, it really does matter where you're drafted. Absolutely, you know, I remember being in that time frame in my life and you just want to believe that your mindset, your grit, your willingness to sacrifice and persevere is going to still get you to where you want to go. And you know, you go through experiences in life and you learn a lot and I'm probably a better mentor and coach because of some of the things that I went through that didn't help my my personal career, but you're absolutely right. As I have spent years reflecting on the things I've learned as a pro athlete, you learn just how important it is for quarterback development, especially early, like you want to have positive things happen. You want to be able to have people that can truly mentor and help. And like we are talking about in the break, a guy like Josh mccown, being a quarterback coach in that room, and some of the things that the guys on that staff have developed. They've been through the paces and Carolina. In Carolina. Right. And so you look at that and you say, if that group can stay together, the consistency, those things can be there to help develop a young quarterback. But when you toss out the head coach when you're changing playbooks, when it's people that come in the building when it's not the GM that picked you when it's not to head coach the picture. Those things just make it tough on a young quarterback. Sure it does, man. But you learn a lot. I got to tell you and again, I know one of your guys is going to wind up in Carolina. I look at them and I think to myself, whoever goes there, you got Frank Reich, my goodness, and mccown, and Jim Caldwell, and do staley. We had miles Sanders on the program saying that's why he went to Carolina. He loves deuce. So he got miles Sanders to run it. They picked up Adam Thielen, the catch, right? I know they traded DJ Moore a way to get the right to choose whoever one of your clients is going to be fortunate to be first overall. It just seems to be a great position for anybody to be drafted there. John Beck here on the rich eisen show, let's talk Anthony Richardson if you don't mind, I know you don't coach him. The idea is that he needs some time, maybe full year, you said you were on the utility, the dolphins put you on the quote unquote Aaron Rodgers playing when they drafted you. Do you think he does need to sit? I mean, here's what I'll say about all quarterbacks. I think it helps all quarterbacks to spend some time learning developing, growing, watching somebody run the offense effectively. I know that there's those guys like a Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco with Justin Herbert, where they play early and you look at it and things, things are working, right? A lot of the times, run game defense, play pass, like those things can help a young quarterback. But let's say you don't have those things, right? It makes it tougher. I look at Anthony and I see somebody that's extremely talented, right? You don't have to be a quarterback coach to be able to recognize physical gifts. The guy's physically talented. I've never sat in the meeting room with him. I've never sat in the offensive, you know, watching the game after the game going over stuff with him. I don't know how he processes, but you look at talent and you say, based off of what I know about quarterbacks and how much it can help a quarterback to spend some time, I would assume that he would be a guy that with given the right time, it's going to benefit him, especially if he can watch somebody perform it successfully. I think one of the toughest things is when you're playing young as a quarterback in a struggling situation, you're not watching the offense run the way that maybe like it can be efficiently. Yes. You're watching the offense kind of sputter sputter sputter. Okay, now it's your turn to go in and see if you can make something happen. Well, when you're a young quarterback and you're being asked to do better than a veteran that's been there before, like and he sputtering, that can be tough. So to him, I think, man, like getting him in a situation where he can watch somebody run and effective NFL offense and learn and grow from that and especially have a veteran quarterback that's willing to share. You know, sometimes a quarterback can kind of like put his foot in the ground and say, I'm not here to mentor a young guy. That's not my job. I'm here to win football games. And I respect that mindset, right? That's why they're being paid millions to win football games, but there's also those guys that they understand I was once a young guy. I know what it's like to have questions. I know what it's like to try to learn. And that's why somebody like, I played with Josh mccown. I know he's going to be a fantastic coach because he's been that guy. He was that guy for Sam darnold. He's been that guy for so many young quarterbacks. I'm here to win football games, but I also want to understand what it's like to be in your shoes. I'll help you develop. I do think for Anthony that can help. Well, Vegas might be a spot for him and obviously Jimmy G might fit that good guy veteran who can wants to win games, but will help somebody develop, although they would have completely different skill sets, I would think. And then there's the idea that you might wind up in Indianapolis where there's a new head coach, change steichen, who did have Herbert and I was a quarterbacks coach when he was a rookie. We just saw what Jalen hurts was able to do over the last couple of years. But there's no veteran that's sitting right there pretty much right now. Cupboard is totally bare. It is that front. I love Shane. I've known Shane for a long time, and I think he's great for young quarterbacks, like he said, helping develop Justin Herbert really getting Jalen really on that track to be a premier player in the league that he is.

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