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To pass All sorts of radical legislation that would complete inform the country John. How many times do we have to have the discussion that guns don't jump up off the tables or jump out of their cases and start firing? It will that it's the person behind the gun. That is, Theis, you that ought to be looked at here and to take everybody's guns. I mean, this is not going to remove the guns from criminals hands so With that said, I'm also open to talk about. You know the process of getting a gun and who should you know? Have a gun based on mental stability or past criminal history. Domestic violence? You know, some sort of process to maybe You know, take a look and see who's got the guns. But I know the people on the other side of that going to go easy. J t Slippery slope Here. You open that door. Next thing you know they're going to want to push the envelope even further. And fewer and fewer people are gonna lose their rights to bear arms. So are where you when it comes to, you know Maur protocol or scrutiny and screening people. To keep the bad guys away from the guns. Look, I mean, everybody wants to keep bed people for male dangerous people from getting guns. But I would say is that we need to fix some of the existing laws that we already have. So, for example, one of the claims are that there are three million dangers prohibited. People have been stopped from buying guns because of background checks. It's simply false. What they should say is that there's been three million initial denials. And virtually all those something around 99% of those are mistakes where they know it's one thing to stop a felon from buying a gun. It's a nothing to stop someone simply because they were named similar to a felon from buying a gun. The problem is is it's overwhelmingly minorities who are being falsely stopped law abiding good minorities who should be able to buy a gun to protect themselves and their families who are being stopped. When you buy a gun and you fill out the 44 73 you put down your name your social security number. Your address your birthday. Raise your eye color. You think they're using all that information? What they use is Roughly genetically similar names in birthdays, and the thing is, people tend to have names similar to others in their racial groups. Hispanics tend to have named similar other Hispanics. Blacks tend to have names. Similar to other blacks. 33% 2 black males in the United States are legally prohibited from owning a gun because of past felony records, whose names do you think their names are most likely be confused with other law abiding black males. There's no reason these mistakes should be occurring. If the radio station that you work for does a criminal background check employees, Uh, if you were to suggest to them, they should look at roughly fanatically similar names in doing the background checks ranges you like you're from Mars. There is one simple required fix, which Democrats fight against tooth and nail is simply having the government have to meet the same standards for doing background checks that the government Requires the private companies have to do. John, I appreciate your time this morning. We're up against the clock and I will have you back but great information. Thank you so much for sharing with us this morning. It's 8 49 Alabama's Morning news. We've got traffic and weather together. Coming up in just about three minutes. Stay with us. You.

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