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How Romantic Gut Center Rome right? Like the Real L. thing I heard there cannolis are better here than in the role. My Dad's themes okay so Manchester to use used mocks here I just dried up like a raisin. Oh yeah especially within a faith that too okay. Now ask him who can. Can you get me a drink. If he slaps you then we know you're you go do it in the access to it in the go love. Oh Oh wow thank you grab it okay. Oh Oh but I liked it. Oh who do oh hell. Yeah Yeah. Jazz Gary after John and and so for our listeners. Can you give of us all like your handles. They can follow you. Yes please please. Follow me on those. Social Media's on Instagram at just underscore 'em underscore Garcia because they're eight thousand Jessica Garcia If you look them up so you have so many like mugshots very well Michael. What's up with my name on twitter? It's at just Mercer States Cinco. It looked just like them. So it's not. Yeah yes on the twitter at just at Marie Garcia and those are really the only to hang being us. I don't talk tech or okay thing you don't take talking to do you know I can't. I don't have time to figure something else. Out Right Suckley. Well thank you and on my block which we're not so sure yet but it's spring of twenty two hundred twenty in one month twenty. Yeah It's coming out soon blah and Thank you so much. Thank you so much we love you and and yeah. We'll we'll see you out in these streets where I frequent apparently I be out in the streets. Catch me catch me outside at At Spanish Shuki presents on instagram. And catch me or see me on. Of course it's Carlos. And then Risa I'm at Risa Lisa. And you can find Oscar Montoya at Ozzy Mo- You can find me twenty on another Guy Rodrick on all the things ooh A. Hey y'all know turn up on Gordon nodding. Aw and remember to check out an ad free episodes and bonus content on stitcher premium for free one-month trial set your premium use code S._A._P...

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