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Caroline Cummings The prosecution in cross examination reemphasized that lane was taught he had a duty to intervene and render medical aid Lana firm he had that training Lane faces one charge of failing to provide Floyd medical care Assistant U.S. attorney Samantha triple had lane read an excerpt from lane's interview with BCA days after Floyd's death where lane said the situation quote could have been handled differently Businesses are still struggling to recover from the pandemic even as more cities lift COVID restrictions CBS Chris van cleave is in Denver One in four Colorado restaurants now say they are thinking about shutting down in the next 6 months Nationally 91% of restaurants report difficulty hiring 89% have raised prices And as many as 8 in ten say they are in danger of closing without assistance At least 6 people are injured in a huge oil refinery explosion and fire in Louisiana Officials say it's not immediately clear what caused that blast at the Marathon Petroleum corporation plan Michigan's basketball coach juwan Howard has been suspended and fined after a big fight with the Wisconsin coach Fight started after guard grabbed Howard's arm tried to explain why he did it The Big Ten Conference has suspended Howard for the 5 games left of the regular schedule and find him $40,000 Guard was also fined three players also suspended At CBS Peter king Martin will be back 30 years after its TV debut the popular 90s sitcom helped define an era of black culture The cast is now filming a reunion special that will air later this year on BET This is CBS News You saved my life You held my hand when I was scared You helped me say goodbye to my dad You were an example for me You gave me strength when I thought I had none left I couldn't tell you then but I want to say thank you all of you for everything Thank you to the physicians nurses and others working in America's hospitals and health systems A message from the American hospital association American medical association and American nurses.

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