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From ABC news I'm Richard cancer autopsy complete in the death by suicide of wealthy jailed pedal file Jeffrey Eckstine the medical examiner's office perform the autopsy of Jeffrey obsidian Sunday but declined to release an immediate determination they said that would be pending further information it seems the medical examiner's office is going to defer to the federal investigation the FBI is looking at the circumstances of Jeffrey up steam staff so is the department of justice inspector general ABC's Erin to Turkey esteem found Saturday morning hang to the sale of the federal lockup in New York City convicted kidnapper Curtis ray Watson was captured Sunday in West Tennessee he'd been on the run for five days accused of raping and murdering a prison administrator last week and driving off in a tractor he was caught after being spotted on a homeowner's video surveillance David Rocha director of the Tennessee bureau of investigation they then began both a ground and air search of the area at ten fifty five officers from T. dot T. H. P. TV I'm spotted Watson coming out of a soybean field he was taken into custody without incident acting homeland security secretary Kevin mac lean and defending last week's immigration raids on food processing plants in Mississippi the detained nearly seven hundred migrants but produced no charges against the owners of the operations who hired the migrants he is urging patience for in the middle of a criminal investigation this case will be pursued the secretary on NBC's meet the press we're in the middle of an ongoing investigation here worn from federal judge of probable cause then go gather evidence at the sites and then you look at the appropriate charges in concert with the department justice and US attorney three hundred seventy seven of the individuals taken during last week's raids remain in custody in the Dallas suburb Irving Texas three pit bulls mauled a sixteen year old boy to death after the boy who did not live there found his way into a fenced backyard you're listening to ABC news seven seven see the end of the T. M. J. bill I've only had a twelve management studio this is news radio WTEM.

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