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A chance to make outs it's brutal because that's this teams. Really good if you keep the ball in the stadium got a good chance of turning it into an out whether they have to crawl over a tarp or slam into a wall or or turn a double play with with three gold glover's I mean you can think about these gains that. They've been winning every game. It seems like there's a defensive jim that that jumps out at least one and it's not always the same guy in it does seem to me almost kind of like it's It's competitive but it's contagious. You know it seems like every guy's feels like if the ball's direction they're just gonna make the place and we've seen how that can be the opposite with teams that don't feel confident about their defense and it works the other way. I'm i like john. Lester said i recently asked him. I said how do you compare the team you play for now. Compared to go on you joined at the trade deadline. It's the mostly the same guys they looked. You guys look totally different. And he talked about confidence. I mean it's a real thing and the game and when you when you get it going you may claes that. Maybe you shouldn't make but then everybody else starts doing it. And then all of a sudden. It's just a contagious confidence kind of thing. And they've clearly got that going on right now. That's a really good brewers team. They may look bad in. The brewers are not playing well but the cardinals are having a lot to do with that too. Absolutely adam wainwright get strikeout number two thousand yesterday. He and bob gibson the only two that have ever done that in cardinals history and obviously a very significant milestone for ueno. Pretty good company right and absolutely dictating a fitting came on a curve ball and fitting that it came in a game. Maybe where he wasn't you know he's very ill tell. You wasn't at his best and look at what. The team does forum I'll tell you what i know. The dodgers are lining up next year's or for the wild card game If they if they get their in and they should and you know the cardinals now with the benefit of a cushion a little bit can can do the same with adam wainwright whether he pitches well or not damn. We've seen it over the past two seasons. They are at different team when he starts. And usually it's because the past two seasons because he's been really really really good one of the best in baseball as a starter but even in the rare times where he gets roughed up or gets bounced earlier get pulled for pinch hitter because he gave up a grand slam in the i. It's almost like they. They take it personally in the gotten scratch and claw go. Go leave it all out there for him. And you see that you saw it again in milwaukee so. I don't know that any team wants to wants to see these guys in one game in a one game play in You know surely the dodgers another and even the giants feel like they'd like their chances in a series but One game against these guys know thanks. Especially when they've got a guy who spent the past two seasons pitching as well as anybody in the game as a starter and adam wainwright amount and the more they win the more cushion. They're going to have on that second. Wildcard victim wrapped up pretty soon dan. It's it's almost there already. And if they can they can keep this thing going in chicago..

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