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Case charges should have never been filed attorney william brennan represents joseph ends junior who is facing one count of reckless endangerment a misdemeanor prosecutors say ams can be seen on surveillance video striking timothy piazza hard in the abdomen while he was drunk and incapacitated but brennan says joey m's makes what i would call a cameo appearance and we presume that he may have tapped him on the tour so like hey bud wake up that's not criminal jaza would later die of a ruptured spleen among other injuries according to a pathologist here client is on video how damaging is that for him and your k i believe exculpate or tends to show the lack of criminality orange you always bar eighteen members of the now shuttered beta theta pi fraternity have been charged of the ten with misdemeanors to waived their right to the preliminary a hearing eight others were charged with involuntary manslaughter and aggravated assault the most severe charges tom kline is the piatzza families attorney some more responsible for the planning some were responsible for the execution and were responsible for the cover up and some were responsible for one two and three prd a sophomore was gravely injured during what prosecutors allege was a night of drunken hazing the nineteen year olds blood alcohol content was estimated at roughly four times the legal limit he fell down a flight of stairs and hit his head repeatedly often in view of his fraternity brothers no one called for help until the following morning wherever here turned character in a werner reporting the vatican is taking steps to block some european doctors from helping people killed themselves the catholic brothers of charity was ordered by pope francis not to permit euthanasia edits fifteen belgian psychiatric hospitals they'll german holum let doctors kill people with severe mental problems if they seek to end their lives the decision allowing euthanasia was made by the charities lay board of directors but it's romebased religious leadership calls the decision outrageous and unacceptable the catholic church opposes euthanasia the pope is investigating the decision to allow the procedure larry miller cbs news news how much of you as a person is defined by your dominant hand most of us are right in it of course just ten to twelve percent of us are lefthanded howard kushner is a professor at emory university in san diego state any research this in his new book out in september on.

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