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Well being of the state, even as covert 19 cases continue to surge in Florida, according to the head of the Senate Select Committee on the Pandemic. Republican State Senator Danny Burgess's approach echoes the position of governor Rhonda Santas, who has said for months he does not think lockdowns and fines for violating mask restrictions are effective. We absolutely no circumstance should go back to where we were. Before we shut down our economy. Our economy was strong. Our economy is strong and our economy is bouncing back. But there are so many people who lost jobs. And so many businesses who shuttered a Tallahassee man is under arrest, Accused of making a bomb threat Thursday morning against the Florida capital. The early morning threat kept the capital closed for a few hours just to be on the safe side. Only three miles away. Police arrested Mark Clark, the 61 year old taken into custody at the corner pocket bar charged with making a false bomb threat against the state building. Police swept the building after the three young threat, but nothing dangerous was found The doors to the capital were opened by nine I'm Rory O'Neill. It's been a great start for Tampa Bay Lightning season, winning their first three games with an overtime when Thursday 32 over the Columbus Blue Jackets. The teams will face off again on Saturday. The puck drops at two PM with Florida's news. I'm John Conrad. I'm Alec Baldwin. Listen to my podcast. Here's the thing on my heart radio. It's my chance to talk with artists, policymakers and performers like Kristen Bell. I always like to say I like being an actress, but I love being Kristen. So I've prioritized that a little bit more than my like desire to spread my wings or prove to people that I could be some dramatic actress. If you like listening as much as I like talking with interesting people than go to..

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