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Solutions on the debt free stage, joining my co host Chris Hogan. And I Today is Ronnie and Belinda from Greenville, South Carolina. Here to get free scream, baby. Welcome, guys. What's up? No, I'm glad to be here. 100 tohave you how much have you paid off? We paid off just about $210,000. How long did this take? About three years, Okay? And you're range of income during that time. Started at about 1 25 and got up to about 1 75 wearing what do you do for a living? Physical therapists. Both of you Alright, Marie practices that's very well done. Thank you. What kind of stuff did you pay off your going to say about $500 in credit card debt and about 209,500 student loans. Okay. Wow. So couple of P. T s had to get their diploma out of hock. Passed, right. Sorry, love. It s so who decided to get serious? First between the two of you. I think probably me first, just because we graduated from different classes, so When I first graduated, I moved in with my parents, and they kind of got me on the envelope system. And then when Ronnie graduated, we both knew we wanted to get married and we started doing the Dave Ramsey weighed before we got married. Anna. When you talk about your living situation? Yeah, basically the same thing When I graduated the next year. I just kind of jumped right in on the same plan, which made it a little bit easier in some ways, because we just stayed on the same budget. You know, like we were students just kind of kept going till he got everything paid off. Okay. Very Ronnie actually were kind of a second job on the side when he started working before he got Kind of this deal where he would work on the weekends and they would help pay for his rent. So that helped him save a lot of money and okay, get ahead. Very cool. So blend of your parents were financial beach parents. They love you a financial piece, baby. You marry into the thing. Okay, Second, Jin here. Alright, Very cool, You guys, So you really never knew any big lifestyle that you had to cut down. You just said we're going to keep living like college students and clean this up and about 70 grand a year goes away average over three years. That's right. That's right. Howdy. Yes, it is. I mean, you're out there making serious money and your contemporaries she came out of PT School are still sitting on The same amount of death that they were three years ago. They paid off none of it right and there and they were calling you crazy. Some of them probably were maybe not to our faces. But it's just tough because you know, like with physical therapy. Now, with a lot of other medical field type professions, you just go to school for longer and longer and longer, And there's that delayed gratification that when you get out of school, there's that impulse that will now its time. Tio take the next step if you have a lot of debt. You know, it's hard to justify you know that lifestyle. Belinda what was the biggest sacrifice for you? I think for me just that delayed gratification of, you know, getting a house you no sooner than I had anticipated because we're still renting right now. And but we know that's coming soon. So I think that's the biggest challenge for me. That is very good running. What about your biggest sacrifice? I would definitely say the house for sure. Just because you know there's that peace of mind that comes with owning your own property. But definitely renting is a little bit easier if you can know that you are tangibly working towards a goal. Stamper, You're getting too pretty fast. Temporary. You can walk through any longer Look, another side of it. That's when you guys were young too. How old are you? I am 31 30. Okay? As of Friday, she's 30 birthday. Very good. So very cool. So, what do you tell people when they say Oh, you did the impossible. You paid off $210,000 in three years. You're weird. You're impossible. That can't be done. What do you tell him? The secret to getting out of debt is because it's not really a secret. I would say for May and then you know, whatever. You think that I would say for me, you've got a number one. See success Early s O. You know, you can't be frustrated that it's not all gone in one month because that's not going to be the case. You know it took a lot longer than that. To get into debt, So it's not gonna go away that fast. And then also, too, I would say you have got to be proactive about seeking out your own opportunities. You know, along the way, you can't just say I'm gonna wait for good opportunities to come my way. You have got to really be proactive about seeking those opportunities out a man. Aboutyou. Belinda, I think just saying, disciplined, and I think it was really good because we celebrated along the way. Like every time we would get $10,000 down, we would, you know, do something to celebrate. So it just Let it go by a lot faster and just seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. So other than your mom and dad with envelopes system did you have? What connection did you'll have with us? I've gotten a lot of your books as Christmas gifts. They're subtle way also got Ah, I mean, we're already kind of doing Dave Ramsey before we got married, but we don't get financial piece University for wedding as a gift. You're becoming more more popular in the physical therapy. World. Students come out. Definitely wonderful. We're big fans of that world. That's a fair trade. Very cool. Well, congratulations. You guys. I know your mom and dad are very proud of you. We're proud of you. Way to go hero. You took control of your life. This is an amazing thing you did, And if you can do this, you will be able to do anything. Financially. If you live like no one else later, you can live and give like no one else. That's right. So we got a copy of Chris Hogan's booked for you everyday millionaires because that's the next chapter in your story, For sure you're on your wayto not only home ownership, but Teo. Being in cramming 10 years from now you're going to see sitting in so such an incredible place financially well, and one more thing I want to say kind of along those lines, too is I think with student loans,.

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