Nashville, Anthony Quinn Warner, President Trump discussed on Rush Limbaugh


News radio 1200 w O a. I San Antonio and I Heart radio station. The name of the Nashville bombing suspect. I'm coach Hero Fox News. Federal investigators that released more information on the man they believe was responsible for the Nashville bombing. The person behind the bombing as far as their investigation showing right now is a man named Anthony Quinn Warner. They say that he lived at that home in Antioch, Tennessee. They searched that home yesterday for several hours after having a search warrant. They believe that he owned the RV. Eventually blew up in downtown Nashville. As for a motive that is something that is still under investigation at this point, Fox is David spent. Meanwhile, the Tennessee counties that Rutherford and Wilson sheriff's deputies here investigating a box truck that was parked at a store playing a message similar to what was heard before the Nashville explosion. Driver has been detained, but the area was evacuated as a precaution. Authorities in Illinois of turns demand for last night's shooting at a Rockford bowling alley that left three people dead and three others injured, the Winnebago County state's attorney says 37 year old Duke webs facing three charges for murder and three for attempted murder weapons, the special Forces sergeant based in Florida. Investigators believe it was a random attack. President Trump not backing down from his refusal to sign a covert aid bill until relief checks are increased. The House is gonna be meeting tomorrow to vote on whether or not to do those stimulus payment increases again, but it's unlikely even if it passes the House for the GOP Senate to go on board. Still President Trump. He is pushing lawmakers to give in to his demands. And while.

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