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I'll be surprised if it mike loxley doesn't get elevated to to the audience of coordinator job he was a coke coordinator and everything i heard he was very uh important in the role of helping brian day ball you know in the rpo game and a lot of the stuff that maybe he hadn't been as burst in coming from the nfl back to the college game and so you know he's he's well father by the players and i i would be surprised if loxley who is actually had um some opportunities some big power five jobs to be a coordinator it's been offline subordinate or run the show if he doesn't end up that guy as as nick savings uh guy you know in the nottoodistant future there uh i mean i just think off all signs from what i'm hearing appointed that's our action mike lacoss of course uh has received a lot of support is you know various from players on that team on the save in front of the we had the we had a writer undercover saving today and said that maybe there's a little bit of his exact quote of bruce was this is erin suttles untold behind the scenes there is growing frustration with a lack of appreciation this is coming from nick sabin does that surprised you at all and you think it really matters in terms of nick savings a intermediate to longterm featured alabama no i don't know i respect terms working with these these you know certainly clogged in around tuscaloosa the part that to me just from looking at it from a distance would be you know i don't know what it what did you get eleven million dollars last year so the highestpaid coach in college football you know i think you're a fool if you don't think he's the best coach got the sport has as had uh i know just from his new boss gripe burned a how well thought of he's on that front um so i don't i don't know where if there is a lack of appreciation i'm not sure where exactly it's coming from uh my guesses nick save in the knicks savings toughest critic and i think that you know and this is just a uh uh gas on this but uh.

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