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Lights not working both directions Groesbeck highway northbound and southbound at thirteen mile in Utica treat data intersection as four way stops now W. J. R. whether first from the weather channel sponsored by Clarkston window and door over thirty one years in business over four hundred fifty combined years of experience installing windows trusses specialist at Clarkston window and door act now to take advantage of thirty one percent off install windows doors and garage doors two four eight two three three eight sixty seven eighty one Clarkston at window dot com expecting a rain snow mix later this morning and by by the afternoon cloudy conditions also some peaks of sunshine still mild a high of forty six degrees overnight low twenty five for Thursday partly cloudy forty six once again clear skies thirty three degrees on Dana Clark W. J. R. news with Decatur is next it is both sacred and profane it is a romantic love and carnal desire this is the power of this is join the Detroit symphony and me for call for six tickets start at fifteen dollars this is D. as call three one three five seven six fifty one eleven with support from FCA foundation Thursday Justin March twelfth through the with and the Detroit symphony orchestra traffic crashes taken out light poles at thirteen mile and gross back in Roseville DTP has thirty one hundred power outages in that area Joe Biden there's a clear winner on super Tuesday this is well one Texas Sanders is projected to win California Sanders told his supporters because this will become a contrast in audience one of us in this race led the opposition to the war in Iraq you look at a far behind in the voting on super Tuesday a new poll for channel four and the Detroit news give us buying the lead over Sanders in Michigan the Michigan primary is March tenth the polls as democratic voters have Biden at more than twenty nine percent twenty two percent favored Sanders in Michigan Bloomberg and Warren are far down the list at least twenty five people have died across central Tennessee tornadoes ripping through Nashville the mayor John Cooper asked what his city needs right now the biggest need is for people to understand how great our first responders are and more than people are bringing coffee sandwiches.

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