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Sides are even close to a deal on ending the partial government shutdown. The president wants five billion dollars from congress to help build a wall, or at least a steel slat fence on the Mexican border Democrats offered one point three billion for border security. But with no guarantee, it would be used for a wall. Republicans rejected the offer Democrats are digging in their heels to you must abandon the wall. In a statement. He Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer and house leader Nancy Pelosi. Accused the president of continuing the Trump shutdown just to please right wing radio and TV hosts that CBS news correspondent chip Reid. Reporting. WBZ news time to thirty four hundreds are dead dozens missing after a soon. Nami hit Indonesia without warning CBS news correspondent Jerry Peterson has been following the story from the foreign desk in London. Those who found safety many of them poor are now homeless and others could still be alive says Red Cross worker Kathy Mueller is the rainy season here. So there's always the possibility that if someone is trapped that the rain is trickling through and they're able to take the raindrops of water that are coming through the volcano is still erupting, which means the area now crowded with rescue teams could be hit. Again. That's CBS news. Correspondent Barry Petersen cruise ship rescued two fishermen who were stranded in the Caribbean sea for almost three weeks more on that from. CBS news correspondent Bill Rakoff. The two fishermen were found by the Royal Caribbean. Cruise ship empress of the seas on Friday between Grand Cayman and Jamaica. According to the company, the two men were from Costa Rica, they had fallen asleep while fishing when they tried to return home their motor ran out of gas. And there was a little bit of luck involved. The ship wasn't even supposed to be in those waters, but they'd take an alternate route. Because of the bad weather Bill Rakoff CBS news, investigators in Idaho, say they have evidence in the case of the missing Colorado woman who police believe was killed by your fiance. Patrick Frasier charged with Kelsey Barrett's, murder and solicitation of murder. CBS news. Correspondent Jim Axelrod says detectives executed search warrants after being contacted by the FBI district attorney, Dan may suggested the killing was planned, and that others could have been involved. It is a crime to solicit somebody to commit another crime. You don't necessarily have to complete it to be. Charge. But you have to show firmness. What you intended to do. Investigators say interviews and a search of Barrett's Colorado home last week. Let them to believe she was murdered there on thanksgiving after she went shopping at a nearby supermarket frac- who doesn't live with Berith. So he saw her that afternoon when he picked up there. One year old daughter Kayleigh, he never reported Berith missing. Or personally appealed for her safe return a phrase he is not entered a plea and is due back in court next Monday. The couple's daughter now is being cared for by extended family. Police in mccone county have arrested a Clinton township man in connection with the assault and gunfire Manta Rosie O Grady's bar. Chesterfield township police were called to the bar on twenty three mile road after gunshots were reported they found a twenty year old man who had injuries to his face possibly from gunshot. He was treated and released at the scene. Police say that a fight at the bar made its way into the parking lot. The victim got into his car. And as he tried to leave police say the suspect fired off shot shattering his rear windshield. Police have recovered the gun believed to have been used in that assault. WBZ news time to thirty seven right now. It's.

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