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What's going on Your List Ronnie? I mean I probably echo both of those things. Yeah just ECOMMERCE who delivery anything that you can get online That there was an option to get online. I think there there may be an increase in whether people are going to like actually do that now and then to from the working from Home Front absolutely like I've written about work from home and how it's naturally been trending upwards but this really is exposing a lot of people to it who hadn't done it before it's forcing a lot of people into it and you have to think some percentage of those will be like. Oh yeah this wasn't so bad as David said a lot of bosses may be like wait you know. Maybe I don't have to lease the story expensive building in midtown if I can downsize and a bunch of May workers could work from home and I don't need to provide snacks or or whatever else and also in commercial real estate. Yeah I know it's a new thinking about that for another piece but we have to wait and see and then finally I had talked to some designers awhile ago about how work from home actually changing. What your home was like how people are much more conscious of like having their homes both have a good office space or an area. That is much more that much better for like an economic work situation. And if we're going to be quarantined in our apartments you kind of want them to be a little nicer. So there's the thought that like. Maybe we go a little bar on on our quarantine creature comforts. Yeah I think those are great author mine in the ring here. I think this could lead to a little bit of a renaissance chat bots. We saw them being very popular a couple years ago and then not so popular over the last couple of years is maybe the. We've seen the natural progression of hype cycle But we are seeing that they can conversational interfaces in general whether they chat or voice can be actually quite helpful when you've got surges in demand To triage things to help get people into the cue. Whether that's call centers or whether that's like your doctor Is part of the interaction with you and if you think about it right now if you go to a physician and at least in the US you normally will see nurse. Maybe a physician's assistant before you actually see the doctor. Because the doctor's time is so valued That they WANNA make sure all the little things are taken care of before they get in there because they only have seven point two five minutes with you. and I think that we might see as we move. Some of those things online is David you're saying and my daughter just had an online one. This doctor's offices never done online visits before. They did it this week. So I think we're GonNA absolutely see more of that. We need that type efficiency in healthcare system. But you know maybe it doesn't have to be a nurse or physician. Assistant is the first line. When you start your appointment maybe you interact with some sort of voice. Bader Chap First and then it moves onto the humans in the loop but I do think that these boys interfaces are actually GonNa get boost and what we find. Is that a lot of times platform shifts. There is some sort of external shock. That really kicks into gear. So we've had this sort of linear adoption of voice recently Spar speakers look more than linear but overall we look at voice we see sort of this incremental gains since two thousand twelve when it came out in Syria and then go back to two thousand when we start seeing in cars But I have a feeling we're GONNA see a lots of different types of technologies really. Get a boost. Ai Being the biggest if people will start to think about how they can automate some of these things forecast all these other things. But there's a lot more to discuss their. I don't. I don't think we have any more time today to do that. Everyone who's listening first of all if you missed anything showed up late. This is GonNa be on voiced by that next week so we build. Watch it back Also what I'll do is I'll make sure that We share with you. The the at least the twitter handles of the people who are Today and maybe some of the articles or some links to things that they've done recently on. This building is really rich. Information there plus Questions I mean. That's what happens when you put hundreds of people on a on a Webinar. We got two of your questions. I'm going to do my best to answer as many as possible on twitter. So labral Casella So what I'm GonNa do here is just to wrap this up to say David Watkins at Reeve Watkins from strategy. Analytics thank you so much. Ben Fox Reuben is at benefactor. Even at you can you can find him there at Ronnie Mola. A at Ronnie Mola R. A. N. I M. O. L. LA is she don't know that At recode and epochs side thinks she. You'll see your titles there. Thank you so much for your time today. We'll try to keep this conversation going. Maybe we'll get back together in three months or something to try to do this again and see see how things have changed because I have feeling we could do is next week and things would be different But thank you so much for your time today. Thanks for every when he joined. I hope this was useful as you're sitting at home and have yet one more video conference to to sit through today. Thanks.

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