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Sort of get the jury on your side or to win favor away from Rick Devon's. But it is source slowing this season has been so startling to me. I think one of them is that we are seeing. Him be able to you made the inspector gadget reference a couple of weeks ago. I think it really shows that he's like great job. Devon's. This is all your doing. When really this is all the doings of several people working behind the scenes and not really mentioning it. Or being as forthcoming about it as they might be with other moves, right? I also think it's a little more complicated with that. Because I don't think it's necessarily just the jury. But I think that to a lot of the viewers of the show. It's also coming across that way that I think that I mean, it was not really laid out in the episode. And I think that some of the people who have been following this show regularly can jump to the conclusion. Okay. I Rick probably didn't change anybody's mind at the tribal council, but the show certainly didn't clear up whether or not that that was the case, we're just deducing that that was the case, I think majority of the viewers are. Taking that Rick's demonstrations at tribal council are also having this really positive effect in what's happening. I would agree with that as well. And I think maybe that buys into that typical survivor editing adage, and I know that we have made things were unconventional in recent seasons. But it's still holds that the way they typically like to do things is they like to keep tribal council. A relative surprise because they don't wanna go through ten minutes of question and answer where you know, what's going to happen, essentially. And so like, you said and just like last week there probably.

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