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We we're both working at the time freshly out of school and germany's a a designer um so he is our creative director on i had study various things aung had a little bit of a design background as well we were both working at the time but not not feeling very challenged in not feeling as though we had a lot of opportunity for growth where we were on so jeremy had the idea to start a platform that we could sort of test ourselves to practice things that we really cared about um served for hand that was designed more typography and photography as well and also riding and for me it was photography and riding in on learning to become an editor so we it was really a platform to be able to teach ourselves to do things that we weren't giving the opportunity to learn where we were at the time on and it really grew from there i think we learned a lot more than we anticipated skewed suit the topic of the magazine is kind of like creative's unknown if you all booth argus creative people how do you find a putting together each issue you have kind of a different theme like what is that come from and how it how did you go about as we'll see content yeah that's right e m we cover kind of a wide variety of creative's uh we say were magazine for makers in thinkers which to us means that we are seeking out individuals or a couple other groups that are doing um but are making things and that generally more in the design and we like to use the word or that term'designer craftsman um more than just a hobby as someone who's really guiding deep into the the thought behind what they're creating end the impact that it has on culture of not only the the impact it has on dan personally as the ones making it but the impact it will have on any what he sees or interact with with what they've creative arm as far sourcing consent and having a theme for each issue we did start out with our first issue very appropriately i've i felt with finding your medium was the title of the issue and an for us that really nance that we we were.

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