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Who are we? Are we, the Republicans? School, dismissed the wig party back in 18 54 in a little white schoolhouse and rip in Wisconsin because they didn't work hard enough. They didn't fight slavery's expansion into the Western territories hard enough. They weren't the fighters that these Republicans wanted in office, and so the party was founded on a movement for equality and for constitutional leadership. I think that's what a lot of these folks who who felt on the herd found in President Trump someone who was willing to fight and I think that's what we need in Wisconsin. We need to return to our constitutional values, and we need to return to our moral compass and we need the fight and there's been a disappointment. I enemy felt this in your column. There's been a disappointment in the system and I got it. The problem with walking away right now. Is that we won't have a fight left. We will instead watch this country. This state devolved into something that is only recognizable and I wish youse to let that happen. And so I'm going to continue to fight. I know you will continue to fight. And I would ask all your listeners to continue to fight for what is morally right. What is constitutionally correct and what those people in that little white schoolhouse wanted. All those years ago because that's aspirational. And that's what I believe conservatives truly what what Republicans truly need to get back to Rebecca Kleefisch, former lieutenant governor. She's not just randomly talking about that schoolhouse in Ripon. She is talking about the 18 48 project, which you are involved in 18 48 project dot Forg, uh, is where you can find more on that, Rebecca. Thank you so much for joining me. Always appreciate talking with you. Thanks a lot, Dan. Have a great day. You too. It is the Dan O'Donnell show We will be back..

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