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He looks like a deer. He does not look like a deer and it looks like a deer. He does not. It's okay. Very protective over my llama. Damn! I didn't read about that. I cannot get over all of the name. I would. We could have had a real baby like I could have given birth to a baby, and we wouldn't have gotten this many name suggestions. An outdoor at work birth would not have garnered the attention of a stuffed llama. My husband's wait in and not show llama. I like that. Is he listening to the show? I thought you guys had rules about their work to do, uh, at the bottom of the hour. We are going to talk, Swamp watch and as they like, the terror is our friend from D. C. We're going to talk with her about what's going on. As we get ready for yet another very interesting, potentially dangerous weekend in Washington. We will also be playing for you again. The cuts of those police officers, Metro D C police officers who were at the Capitol last Wednesday. And their descriptions of the life threatening situations that they found themselves in. We'll talk about it. I do feel like we smell like we've been cooked. No, like Like chicken cutlets of dispensing acting like you've never been outside. I know your She's like it was right. There was this big yellow thing. What else is going on? What's.

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