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Have all my life I? Mean I have I Yes Pretty? Well Exercises Almost there We're. Almost there you're very good speaker and you're honest. And sincere let me. Show you do you understand what I said about warfare and you understand America If there's lots of. People who are appease. Appease and please in thinking that plea appeasing is love is not It's getting off your life force to the enemy It will always be that way Wars brought about. In. Exactly what I just said exactly never ever other way If. You. Didn't have the pieces As as countries or as people It works the same as individuals with marriage A person was piece but there is no such thing as peace unless you know Well this I don't want to. Go. Into this but I think you've got understanding. You have got your, mother's identity now let me say it in a different way I, want to ask people listening to the program tease John just bear. With, me just a minute and we'll go on Ladies and gentlemen how many of you have grown up To appease you understand that cowardly excuse me John we're, gonna bring you in on that subject You are a coward There's only two relationships in our in the human race only two things which cause every kind. Of misery and disease Coward be math by thinking they're doing good yes yes okay right on it Listen carefully So when you came into, the world the wall is on And, you had you got you face. Was Hitler a bully father and your, mother is an appeaser And you begin to resent your father but your mother is is an. Appeaser and you are going to be in. A piece of, two and the PISA gives the. Lives this is how, I say the PISA it if you, listen let me just stop, from minutes second ladies and gentlemen Are. You listening to this You and the? PISA say yes or no Everybody. I want everybody to, listen you an appeaser There are more. Pieces than bullies There are many more Bullies the bully sucks the life out of Of the the the appeaser he's sucks and, and when the woman in this particular case now Bring it back to, sickness Your mother. Is trying to make peace. She wants to have peace. She see that she has she is suffering from something she something from her, own parents see her mom Right. So now for your mother. Could not help but wanting to have peace she comes into the world and She is has to be an appeaser. To? To get along to get along with the, person but person like your. Father is dictated to being bullied Because he's fallen he's anger towards his. His anger is the his concepts of love and power is to be a bully he does, not know how to be strong in a correct way He is he is he's dangerously strong and your mother is dangerously. Weak it takes to the two of them to destroy each other And. So you see I'm saying that could be a. Civil war in America with same principles the bullies will intimidates People, around who want peace And when p. when you give peace to the Obama Which has been tearing down America pretending otherwise He almost destroyed American one more Situation with somebody similar, the same way we would have collapsed And died there were no more America anymore Obama is. The PISA he loves to embolden As if, the. Loving is love pleased. On hurt me please Stand up for, me This is what you have inside you right now This is very simple You. Come into the world And when, you come into, the world you come into Baby It's. Obvious but the point is you have a mother as an appeaser who has extension of her parents all the way back to paradise. Lost and so Your mother as an appeaser I have to go over. It again Little bit by little. Bit for those who listened and a b have the same symbol the problem where you will always have a problem with variation variations because simply because There's Cindy because she's giving her. Life she doesn't know. It she thinks that's appeasing is. Love it is. Cowardice And. And so the more she gives. Into your dad This the more hungry And that was when she gives in, she is emboldening What's your father, was she married a strong man but, not a nobleman not a man with intuition and kindness She looked Bad man. But correct Good traits but. He wasn't the man I was looking off course, of, course because he's he's he's suckling on your mother is an entities at the trouble is she thinks that when she loves him and gives in that is what goodness is that is what cowardice. That's what causes misery, but because once listen I just, want people, listen carefully I'm, talking to my friend here John And, I'm talking about one thing including, war all the way up to war all the way up to hundreds of different kinds of diseases which will we will talk about, as soon as I finish John. Here I am almost finished with. John Your mother will die from cancer Because your father is sucking up How life giving in giving an in giving in and the more. She gives in thinking that's love. It isn't the mar- bully ING she gets from the husband who lives on her life force Understand the evil people live. Off the life force they the. Lived off the English lifeforce everybody with us been suckled in Not necessarily die from cancer and all. The rest of it I'm only making. The point which is very similar To the reason why we have water war and. Why Donald Trump is being strong and and frustrating The bully and And causing, people.

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