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Eight twenty NPR news and the New York conversation live from NPR news in Culver city California I'm doing please I can't tell president trump can go ahead with his campaign rally on Saturday in Tulsa that's the ruling today by Oklahoma Supreme Court which also rejected a request that attendees be required to wear facial coverings this as the president warned potential protesters that quote you will not be treated like you've been in New York Seattle or Minneapolis the FBI today returned to the home of Brianna Taylor to investigate what they say are potential civil rights violations this is one of the police officers involved in the fatal shooting Robert Schroeder is in the process of being fired more from Eleanor clipping off of member station WFPL Henderson was one of three officers who shot and killed Brianna Taylor a twenty sexual black woman in her home in mid March the plainclothes officers were serving a no knock warrant in the middle of the night when Taylor's boyfriend shot one round at them he said he believed they were being robbed thank you since termination letters said he quote displayed and extreme indifference to the value of human life and quote when he blindly fired ten rounds into Taylor's apartment I guess it has also been accused of sexual assault in the media in recent weeks the other two officers remain on paid administrative reassignment for NPR news I'm Eleanor clipping off in willful and just a correction that was actually the termination of officer Brett hand Hankinson and the police chief is Robert Trotter on this day of commemoration known as Juneteenth the date of freedom from chattel slavery celebrations are taking place across the country historian Mary Elliott of the Smithsonian Institution Washington DC believes that recent protests have shined a spotlight on issues surrounding race in this country you are listening to NPR news from Culver city and this is W. NYC in New York I'm Jimmy Floyd thousands of marchers are flooding the streets across the five boroughs this evening to market Juneteenth the day that celebrates the freeing of the last and slave to people in the United States in eighteen sixty five Lorraine Joseph is an administrator for a city agency she participated in a March through Brooklyn earlier today and said it was the first time sheets celebrated the holiday Eveready.

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