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Per hour thirty five degrees at K. E. N. S. and my name is James see here is sitting in for Glenn Beck this is the Glenn Beck program when I was a young man I want to travel just love traveling and now all we would do is go back and forth the Mississippi but I would use my imagination I was like speed racer no Mach five and we were we were driving all over the world that's how I use my imagination what we do have games we don't have the in the TV set in back of the head rest I'm still bitter about that puts the so as I grew older I had the opportunity to to travel and I did I I studied overseas and studied in England for year I went across the Europe Eastern Europe when it was still Eastern Europe I just dated myself I remember when the wall came down with a year after my my one of my trips I had the opportunity to travel through India and the Middle East by the time I got to the movies that took my son's along I was really into travelling it's just an amazing thing because you learn by seeing you learn by doing it they can go back and read about it or you can read about it first and go back and do it my son is carried on the tradition that he's used to travel in the family right My Baby girl wants to but she bit ago nickel herself why no baby girl no my son's married so you don't have to worry about that he's not going anywhere actually do travel traveling this really really opened up a whole New World to me and when I was a high school teacher I had done a decent amount of traveling so that open the door for me to be a world history teacher I heard about this job when I was in Chicago but the job was in Wisconsin brown deer Milwaukee and so I over heard these administrators talking about open positions so I strategically went to the place walked in and dropped an application it didn't take very long as an American of African descent as a high school teacher commodity there's not too many of us so you could try to scoop my my transcripts were fantastic the hat the travel experience on it they put me through what test called the perceiver the perceiver test is a long test and that apparently I did very very well on it so the superintendent he does screw around at all he offered me a contract on the second leading I don't even think I filled out an application because the low budget this year that but yeah so he hired me I was excited and then he closed office door you said I want talk to both of the sit down and he said you're going to be up against something because people are going to think that you got this job slowly because you're black that's the way I'm gonna think that why would they think that well because you're the only black teacher in a school now welcome aboard the mobile why are you telling me this is that I'm telling you this because you did not get this job because of lack you got this job because you're qualified the immensely qualified surprisingly qualified so whenever you get that vibe or somebody is stupid enough to say that to your face I just want you to understand that this is.

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