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A little bit in the plus side as well so the true so the pro side steve only is. I like it okay. That's why play golf. Because i really like it but it's just it doesn't fit in any other part of persons normal life steve. I used to have to lie all the time when i was going golfing. He stuff to make up a story either with my boss. Okay either with the family or some excuse to take. I wish it would been squashed. Forty five minutes boom in out you play at lunch and off you go well. I mean there's a lot of things to like. I mean that's an umbrella statement. I like it it's sort of simplifies. It oversimplifies it. There's lots of things to like underneath that versus. I don't like i. I like hanging out with the fellas having a pint. Although i've given up beer and chips. I saw that last night. So that's that's gonna be weird. I'm golfing on monday so or today. So that's gonna be kind of weird anyway Love the scenery love getting some exercise. All that under the. I like it so i think you get and i'm surprised to hear that. Take because you love golf so much. Well i do it just it just never it was. It was always stressful to play a game of golf there. you know. there's always okay got to be done by four guys do this. It's not going to go over all the kids something above anyway. You say yup absolutely okay. Let's jump into day. Biggest story in the sports world and i mean that from a planetary standpoint is euro twenty twenty coming to a close and what a final epic england versus italy and it all started not well for the english side fantastic. Stop cash coming back to the phones so that clip courtesy of tsn. Luke shaw the soccer version of a one timer what across by kieran tripper shock on staggers rival time in italy fails to pick him up in shaw sick. They're waving his arms to get triggers attention but it looked like he saw them all the way and shaw rifles home. A shot off the post in an england takes a one nil lead early and that seemed to be well. That seemed to be a pretty good harbinger for the english side. But by the sixty fifth minutes. Italy pushes back. tuesday love nicole. Barry trotz rise to the level. The happen signs couldn't cut with a set taste the veteran defender as courtesy of tsn once again. And it's leonardo bonnici that ties the match at one and it will stay that way right until we got to penalty kicks and i think it's disadvantage england. At that point you think pressure because of the drought that had to have a hand in things to some degree and bad choices by the manager. Also in there as well. But i the pressure angle. No major attorney wins since nineteen sixty. Six is most soccer fans no and the players a bit. They've been clubbed over the head with that status since they were kids and scott to be rambling around in their head is the step up to take their kicks. The to harry's got done largely because well they've been through the wars giving linda to one lead in the penalty. Kicks the shooter's after that though either too young or play much in the game and the next three english kicks all failed including a nineteen year old kid. He had disgorge. Keep england alive that sixty people at wembley mostly english watching this kid. The entire nation the entire world and you put a nineteen year old. That's that's a lot to ask of a teenager. a bigger one is nineteen. I was apprehensive about calling for taking my dad would say hey call the chin han and order some chinese food on buying and i was hesitant about that. I can't even imagine what sakha as he steps up at age. Nineteen is thinking about when he has to keep england alive and score succoth score goals pressure nineteen year old spirit. Second time trees to the first along these saka inconsolable after missing that when really rough to see that but Italy was great all tournament again that clip courtesy of tsn and not long after they missed the twenty eighteen world cup. They made it tana changes and that win was the program's thirty fourth win in a row. Pretty amazing gianluigi donna. Ruma stop three straight in the shootout. He's mvp of tournament. And i talked about the english pressure. Well he he had a bunch is well. I mean everybody had pressure. It's euro twenty twenty. It's the final this pressure on everybody. But here's donna roma mvp of the tournament and he's out there trying to replace the legendary keeper by phone so he had lots on his shoulders and came through big time. So anyway they're going bonkers in little italy here in ottawa. Tonight and of course Italians across the world absolutely loving it at wembley one little bonkers before the match. They stormed the gate. Didn't see anyone got hurt. From what i saw jimmy but it did set up for a potentially bad situation. You've got you know aggressive well lubricated fans inside the building that did not clear security so it could have been a bad situation. Yeah what what you do. Steve is you get all the names of those people who who stormed the gate. You get all the names you put them on a list and you'll posted on the gym door and say okay. You're you're the only way to solve the rebel riot. Sort of type fence devi. What's going on what are the. What are they people. Don't have tickets trying sneaking sneak in not so much sneak day all have tickets. They're just they're just so anxious. Italy was terrible. They didn't make the two thousand eighteen world cup and they've done this massive turnaround the one thirty three matches in a row. So the italians are jacked. England has been to a a major final of any kind since before. The leafs wanna cup most recently nineteen sixty six. The last time england did when they in the world cup so both nations are going bonkers and both are already conquers for for the sport of soccer. Yeah my interest has been low steve. Over the years at soccer. I got to admit it elevates okay it gets cranked gets wrapped up stevie gets cranked up. Okay when i hear stories like this. The fans did what the game on there. Let's see what's going on..

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