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Certainly wasps on this one big offensive weekend for four chord and central. Was it not? I mean, it was a really a nexpo sieve weekend for them this weekend. Yeah, 160 points in two games so heavy that way about their average because they hadn't been scoring very well early on in the season and covert obviously played a factor Panthers throughout the year, but I think they're starting to get their rhythm. Offensively. I mentioned Tyler festive last night had 23 points and save them. He tied the school record tonight with 40 points in the Panthers law, so he's only a sophomore coaching 60 in this kid is quick. He's athletic. He's got a bounce in his step, and he was any Shot he put up tonight. He truly looked like he believed it was going in, which is obviously one of the elements you have to have. So I mean, 24 in the first half and six run the second and he had a chance to tie the game late, but he missed the shot around. The defender of the tough shot is about an eight footer in the lane. He just couldn't get it to go on. That would have Right from the school record that he made that so he had a great game tonight and other guys for the Panthers. Jagger holding with 11 and Anthony Martin with 13 0 N. Shireman played pretty good defense off the bench with eight. He made a couple of threes in the fourth, so There. There's some building going on, but also some growing pains with being a young team as well. And that's what the Panthers they're still dealing with as they go through the season here, according central Losing, Ah 88 84 match up to Charles Stan. W Que ellos David Deaton on the coal of that game, David. Thank you so much. Well done, and congratulations to those young men for their accomplishments tonight. Best of luck to them next time out. David have a great weekend. Thanks for the call. Thanks. You too, Coach. You and Greg have a good show Tomorrow We will try our best. Thank you very much. The Hall of Famer. The Legend from W B. A T. In marrying Jim Brunner joins us. Marrying over Luis Cast tonight. 89 47, Jim. Thanks So much for the call. How are your giants playing right now? Well, I'm not sure you realize this, but Coach Blackman has not been with the ball club. All we know and not feeling the best in jail in the set out the whole weekend with a wrist injury, So they went in. They went into CASS and John Kitchell night. Talk for about 25 minutes for the game. They've been waiting at Lewis CASS, says 1978 in the double overtime loss to marry into paybacks. Think of that. It was a toy to that's over 40 years. They're waiting for payback for marrying and coach Blackman's not their jailers out there they finally got They think they got the Giants and Million plays their best game of the year wins by 22 tonight, So I know amazing self. We take it seriously here in Indiana A and I'm glad we do so the giant sound like they're they're able to knock down some shots tonight. Well, and what's really important about this now? When Jalen comes black next week, the Giants have a double dip with longer supported Northrop. Now he'll have a lot more confidence, and the players don't have a lot more confidence in him. And I think this is starting to line up just like last year when the Giants peaked at the right time and won the sectionals, so I know that Lafayette, Jess got a long trip to make the marrying three times. They want to win that sectional. So we played them last time. That was a heck of a ball game. Yeah, Yeah. Hey, By the way, I do need to mention I did maybe one of the best college games I've done in years earlier today, Indiana Westley and knocking off marrying 89 82. Got a feel for Scott headed this basketball team. Bobby is five and four in the league. Renee found out today that the any I D one is going to drop the number of teams in the tournament before down the 48 starting to get a little nervous right now. Right. Had anyone asked me ahead of time I would have Would have cautioned all of you on getting excited about 11 division in the end, I They did that once and got away from it for a reason. Just caution everybody to remember their history. Right and real quickly. I'll tell you this, You know, I've done crossroads like basketball forever. This is the most talent I have seen in this league. You know your true Steve Alford son in there Now Coaching and Huntington doing a great job. People lost the first game of the year and the conference that Indiana Westley and hasn't lost since Scott head He's got a loaded lineup. I mean, he goes some really good basketball teams in this conference this year. Jim Brunner. The legend from W B A. T. Jim, Thanks. Have a great weekend. Bobby..

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