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On next to play the la dodgers in american league division series start today boston versus houston the yankees against cleveland i'm dave anthony fox news radio darren connolly for channel 3 eyewitness news president trump was in las vegas visiting the victims and their families in the aftermath of the deadly as mass shooting in us history he and the first lady met with some of the nearly five hundred people injured in sunday's massacre at a country music festival as the city tries to heal the investigation continues into what possible motive could have been behind the attack the shooters girlfriend mary lou dan lee flew back from the philippines landing in los angeles where she was met by fbi agents investigators hope she'll shed light on what caused the shooter to do this and the massacre in las vegas has once again ignited the debate over tougher gun laws lawmakers including those in connecticut are calling for a ban on bums stocks in accessory used to make a semi automatic weapon more like an automatic it's believe the shooter in las vegas use this to make his guns even more lethal president trump has hinted there will be future conversations about gun laws but for now the focus is on the investigation and showing support for the survivors and it is day ninety seven of the budget crisis and the pressure continues to mount as our state continues to remain without a budget on tuesday lawmakers did not take up in override on governor malloy veto of the proposed budget so now it's back to the negotiating table the governor says he hopes to have another budget plan by midoctober that's the news on the talk of connecticut i'm aaron connolly for channel 3 eyewitness.

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