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Town. So he's he's kind of a complex guy, and that was kind of interesting to to write about, but it was kind of a struggle to write that story. 'cause I didn't didn't like a lot of stuff instead, or it's politics things. He did shoot pigs, and but I just wrote it from the very for the tech. So you sending all the way through six AM the next morning and didn't even include a lot of editorial ISM. Just kind of just isn't that your job as journalists those to be kind of neutral. And just like, I think we're always talking about with the tagline is the facts. What is this fitter? All the facts fit to print, but a lot of times it's tough because you'll be with a pop star and and they don't know how to put a center stick, Heather sometimes. So. So you have to, you have to put it in perspective, a lot more somebody if they're colorful, like kid rock, people are going to want to be interested to read. Doing an interview? Yeah, and he's he's great quote, but a lot of times sometimes you'll write a feature meals. You didn't use a lot of quotes at all, be just six or something because there's not. It's hard to get get insightful stuff from like a nineteen year olds. Sometimes you know race, right? Yes, somebody doesn't have a lot of experience, but a super popular and especially in this day and age, you see a lot of that of the the flash and the PAN's. Who today gone later today? Yeah, not as much as long jetty of the of the stars. Do you like any of the current top stuff? All the things I drive my kids to school and we have to listen to hits one which is the serious you know. So I, if you're the same ten songs, I know what's going on. I think Bruno Mars is amazing. Probably my favorite. I love. I mean, Taylor swift is great. Her album is really good. She's great. She's great because she's done. A very smart thing and kind of went outside of the box of what she was known for. She's very diverse. Yeah, and that's a smart thing to do to get that kind of. It's not just a country girl, but she can do pop and she can do eighty cents a cheerleader type tune or whatever it may be smart moving at. Have you had any experiences with her? Very smart such a young girl, a few few. I got into her on the speak now era twenty ten. Yeah, I I, I was assigned to write about her when she was playing it at a jet blue at the JetBlue terminal five. As a promotional thing, and she was flying her fans to l. a. and they were all going to interview around the early on kind of early on ener. Yes, she was still she was. She was still an arena act, but she was willing to do stuff like now she zero interviews whatsoever. Interesting. Because she's in have to. Yeah, it's beyond say, does that once you get certain level? Same thing, the SIMS over iron maiden? Yeah, try and get interview though, and maiden. They don't do. They don't need them like their managers. We sell out either way. Why waste time? And you can only hurt yourself at the certain everyone's out to get Taylor swift. Yes, do nothing. She could say that that that people will not take and twist. So. Anyway that I've met, I've met, I met her on that tower. Then I did it in every with her and the red tour backstage at the MetLife giants MetLife stadium, and she was just really smart. But at the same time, very good at evading questions..

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