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Of much. More focused on upset wasn't but much more focused on the people I'm working with. You never know if a company he's GonNa be successful or not. I mean look we work right like a year ago it was like he just never know and look at other companies that were nothing like that's really hard to predict in for any any given company. There's always folks that are sure it will be amazing. Sure that'll be terrible right. And especially from the outside especially as a young person you have no idea but will you can get a sense of through the interview process process especially if you like. Hey let's go to lunch thing is who are the folks who are GonNa be spending that fifty sixty hours a week with because that's just so important in terms of you just liking them In terms of you thinking they're good people kind of ethical and all that stuff so you know kind of really focusing on that would be the one thing the second thing on on a sort of much more personal note like a have like an amazing wife and two kids now. The latest one just showed up three months ago and I really love that and I do Occasionally get sad that I started that so late and I think it's weird to tell my former self like hey start a family earlier but I think you know that's a real huge the happiness that I didn't have until recently and I really wish I'd have done that earlier own. I think that's great advice. What drives you keeps you going? These days Globally I really. I really focused on enjoying my day. I think it's easy to get in this trap Of sort of thinking every every day is an investment to some future day. Whether that's a near-term thing like you know I don't like what I'm doing right now but there's GonNa be this great vacation in three months i. I don't really like this job but to great career move for the next job or actually I don't like these this job the next job or the next job after that. But if I play this right I'll get to retire and by the time you're done with all this you're like okay. I haven't enjoyed anything but like tomorrow is going to be better. And it's like you know what focus on making sure you're enjoying right now and and honestly maybe I'd be further along in my career if I'd been more feature thinking I think there's a case to be made for that but I really try to enjoy kind of the moment and really focus on on that. And that's that's a pretty big guide for kind of what I do. I think that's great advice. You can live much more rich fulfilling life thinking thinking about the world that way so at blood your efforts I I need to do better at that myself to more marketing questions for you or business. Questions I think most people tend to Kinda watch what's going on around them. Other brands companies causes even. Is there anything that you follow or using other people's should be taking taking notice so I do have a bit of a passion partly because we were for two sided markets so I spend a lot of time thinking about watching them talking to friends about them and one aspect is like what sort of whether you want to call them. Industries or business problems are best solved by sort of kind of two sided sided network market versus kind of the old way of doing it right like what are the conditions that need to be true for that I'm also related like the legislations around like Ab Five Live in California impacting Gig economy workers in kind of what that will mean for this market. The first thing that means is like my Uber Loyalty Program just got way less interesting to me. I got very sad email on a few days ago saying that my surge protection just went away but aside from that Yeah so the two side markets I find really really interesting. Another industry watches the reality one. And Look I think and maybe just getting older right because I think technology will be bad. It's going to bring amazing things In benefits vets. But I worry that it can create sort of that social isolation. You know twenty years from now when there's less and less reason to ever get off your couch because you don't need to go you don't need to go to work during your commute. You don't have that interaction with people like Oh happy hours. You don't actually go out anymore. You just all meet at some virtual bar right and you're all in your living room. And what will that do to our society right and I. I don't know again I feel like I'm getting older for worrying about these things but I I sometimes ponder the impact that will have the cartoon was but it was some cartoon that I'm envisioning my head of these like plumpy. People being carted around in their autonomous beds Ed's but it is. It's not a pretty sight. Let's put it that way but last question for you. What do you think the future of marketing look like? Yeah I think they'll be an increasing of tech automation driving arriving decisions on the performance marketing side. I think more and more they'll be sort of people setting the strategy and then kind of tweaking and monitoring lean but not actually building campaigns. It'll be more like a let me throw a bunch of kind of here's what my high. LTV customers look like. Here's a bunch bunch of creative assets that are all disjointed and I'm just going to put it into a big system in. Here's kind of how much I'm willing to spend how value throw all this into some massive you've seen and it will run campaigns. It'll pick what channels to do. It will pick what to show and things like that. I think you're GONNA be sort of increasing movement kind of around that so put more of a premium on kind of having that technical knowledge and some of the analytics staff as opposed to the more nuance things that even come with performance marketing side. I I I do think that will do less than be less than helpful. For Resolving Sir of the ever present tensions between the brand and the performance side because I think that means that performance side will even get more and more technical and yeah whatever customers. I don't really whatever that is right and so I think it'll. It'll pull those who things apart further and not not really helping that kind of ongoing dynamic will Kevin. It's been fascinating and I can't thank you enough for coming on the show. All right. 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