Joe Biden, Michelle Floren Oy, President Trump discussed on Memphis Morning News


Fox News. I'm Chris Foster President. Trump says he'll keep fighting but that his team should cooperate with President elect Biden's transition into office. The General Services Administration announced it was freeing up federal resource is for the Biden team. The GSC announcement came just after Michigan voted to certify its election results for Joe Biden. But the Trump team's legal fight continues. A third Circuit court has agreed to review a lower court's decision to throw out a lawsuit asking to delay Pennsylvania's certification. This is Lauren Blanchard. The Biden cabinets filling up Tony Blinken will be nominated to leave the State Department. Alejandro May or Kiss has been tapped his DHS secretary, former Secretary of State John Kerry, will serve as a climate change envoy, Michelle Floren Oy is expected to be nominated his defense secretary, she would be the first woman to lead the Pentagon. Fox's Jared Helper. Former Fed chair Janet Yellen is the pick for Treasury Secretary America's listing to talk to you. Alabama's attorney general, Steve Marshall, is issuing a warning to county and local governments. It's against state law to remove Confederate monuments. He also warned local governments could be fined up to $25,000 for each violation Theology. Bama Legislature was supposed to increase that amount substantially because far left groups or crowd sourcing the fines and they never got around to it. A woman is home with her family for Thanksgiving. After spending more than 200 days in the hospital with coronavirus Laurie would Was diagnosed at Easter. Her sister says she had numerous complications, including a brain bleed. They were happy to see so many people cheering her release from you a big Thanksgiving Week. Yeah, What a wonderful Thanksgiving our family's gonna have. Yeah, With her not being in the hospital. They say Laurie's recovery.

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