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Rose they lost to the Falcons and not only that is they had on offense three field goals look at drew. BREES run around tackle getting getting pulled down. What did the Falcons due to stop the offense of the saints? This is flat out of character. Win for the Atlanta Falcons each week. I've come on this program. Oh grandma talk about how lack luster. They've been to the point where I feel like it was going to cause Dan Quinn his job and for those that don't pay intimately attention to the NFL. These two teams are rivals and so for them to step up and play the way they did. They needed that game. But the really stands out to me as we talked about Ezekiel Elliot. We talk about Dalvin. Cooked we talk about Christian. McCaffrey Alvin Kamara. Been Quiet. No He's dealt with some injuries but usually he's a guy this over a hundred rushing seventy five yards receiving they gotta find a way to get him back kick started so Jalen every Monday. After after Falcons loss. What are we bring up Dan? Quiz dot securities. Do you think that wind like this was piled with a couple more winds could keep his job in the offseason absolutely and owner Arthur blank already came on and said he wasn't GonNa Panic he's GonNa evaluate the season in its totality. But this is a great win for the Falcons and I don't think I don't think anyone saw this wind coming with balconies over the saints and there's another game that was very similar upset. And that was the chiefs. The cheesman into Tennessee Tennessee to play the titans and the chiefs. They got pat. MOJO's back he's got one foot and throws for touchdowns played great but Ryan Tannehill Hannah. Hell rock that that Ryan Tannehill. WHO's not good enough to be? The starting quarterback for the dolphins was out here in the ball around the field and brought the titans the wind in Tennessee. There was this play to maybe jumped snapchat. Maybe not doesn't matter now. The game is over Jalen. What happened Tennessee to the chiefs chiefs? We get enamored with the office and rightfully so as fans and we respect the defense when his physical but three phases to a football games. This national eighteen lost this but a cheese. If you ask me so it wasn't just that final play. The Field Goal Kicker Boston. Another situation where he missed a field goal but for the Kansas City chiefs is their defense and its inability to stop the runt derrick. Henry was out there running earl Campbell for the football fan half and while he doesn't catch a lot of the backfield he's shown me to be a guy that you can rely on and a lot of situations to get yards when you needed him and he got close to two hundred yesterday. Almost two hundred yards two touchdowns and Patrick mahomes four hundred forty six yards three touchdowns. What more do you need from homes to get a win now? Keeping my eye on this game when I saw that the chiefs were head. It felt like the chiefs kind of got a little too comfortable with the lead. You think that's fair to say I do think that's fair to say but again chant. When your special teams trots out on the field they have to execute and a couple of situations they did not do so and I believe that's the reason? Casey ended up move breath so casey didn't just lose. This one cops stumbled a little bit in the past four or five weeks. Do you think there's a chance that we have the. AFC playoffs without mahomes in the Kansas City chiefs chiefs. No way as long as tyreek hill healthy and I know he failing and reagents shoulder I think with my whole playing the way he played they will not be a playoffs. The AFC and Casey isn't involved well. Russell Wilson will play tonight but there's nothing that he can do they will put him in the lead of the MVP conversation because us of what Lamar Jackson did woo in Cincinnati..

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