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Causing a backup to Copans Road. Your next update in 10 minutes on NewsRadio, 6 10 w y o D. And we're taking a look right now. At South Lorraine are a little bit of rain still over home stand portions of Kendall. Haven't terror right now. 81 79 in Fort Lauderdale at 7 31, Florida's marking on milestone and its effort to eradicate coronavirus, the Department of Health announcing yesterday over seven million people have now been completely vaccinated. But there were 33 more lives lost to the cove it and over 3200 new cases confirmed. The nation's top infectious disease specialist, says there may be more changes coming to mask recommendations on ABC News, Dr Anthony Fauci suggested indoor mask requirements could be relaxed as more people get vaccinated. The CDC recently said people who are vaccinated don't need to wear mass in most outdoor situations. However, the agency says Mass should still be warned by everyone in public indoor settings. The mutual news radio 6 10 w. Y o D. Coming up on 7 33 Miami International Airport. Now the latest pop up vaccination spot today through Friday. Covert shots will be administered in Concourse D, and in a drive thru set up in the taxi overflow lot. Airport workers, family and travelers who live or work in the state are eligible, and officials were back in three weeks to offer the second dose of the Fizer vaccine. Public's, meanwhile, also accepting walk in customers for covert shots at all pharmacy locations while supplies last Anyone 18 and older can choose between the two dose Madonna or the one Dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Those who opt for modernist vaccine will be given an appointment to get their second dose. 7 33. The Broward School board continues the tug of war over the separation agreement with Superintendent Robert Runcie, who is voluntarily resigning after being indicted on a felony perjury charge. School board chair Roslyn Osgood's working on a deal to terminate Runcie without cause meaning will get 90 days notice and leave with a possible $400,000 retirement benefit on top of the 137,000 and severance and more than 100,000 and unused sick and vacation time. His attorney, Sheri Cole, says the work is an employee until October 6th and is happy, healthy interim our newly named superintendent, he remains dedicated to the members of this community to our students, teachers, families and business partners. The school board is expected to vote. But on this deal tomorrow, Runcie will lose all state retirement benefits if he's convicted of perjury. Wendi Grossman News radio's 6 10 w Y o D coming up now on 7 34. It looks like the president of the Federal Reserve Bank is warning people to not overreact to one jobs report and that there's still plenty of work to do on the economy. We're still somewhere between eight and 10 million jobs below where we were before the pandemic, Roughly 8 to 10 Million Americans ought to be working right now, if the covert crisis had not happened. Speaking on Speed s destination, Neel Kashkari noted that continuing distribution of vaccinations, the end of unemployment benefits and schools reopening should lead to stronger growth toward the end of the year. Despite what numbers may do this summer, he believes Americans gaining confidence and resuming normal life will be the biggest key to economic recovery. And being locked up at home with your kids during this pandemic doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice your taxpayer Bill of rights. Randy Samuelson, owner of SM CPS PC explains where to find those right there is a full taxpayer billet rights that's on the iris back of website. Global pandemic or not, if you were to receive an audit from the I R s the Bill of Rights says that you have 30 days to respond. You also have the right to get additional time to get your paperwork in order into potentially a men to return in case That there was a mistake made and key West is about to welcome back Papa Hemingway. Lots of him after skipping 2020, the Ernest Hemingway look alike contest is returning in July. Been around for about 40 years and part of the Hemingway Days Festival held on the island. It's happening from July 22nd through the 24th hosted at the popular Sloppy Joe's Bar and stage right around Hemingway's July 21st birthday who spent most of the 19 thirties writing from the island. Warnings that aided 7 35 I'm Natalie Rodriguez. News radio 6 10 Wi OD.

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