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Not the sidewalk mayor bottoms has eight days to sign these into law. It is a rarity from this particular president. In fact, we believe it's unprecedented an Oval Office address tomorrow night. I'm Jamie Dupree in Washington with no progress in negotiations on his border wall. President Trump has said his speech for tomorrow night on this subject. Does he plans to visit the Mexican border on Thursday? The president has also asked the congress for more than seven billion dollars in new border security funding. But for now, there's no indications of any deal will carry the presidential speech. Live starting nine o'clock tomorrow night, Trump administration announced his tax refunds will go out. Even if the partial government shutdown is continuing, so what would the Super Bowl be like without a super halftime active purred, they've had trouble lining one up a one civil rights organization. We call it a major victory, Gerald Griggs. Vice president of the Georgia end up Lacey pe- as a dream who knows maybe they won't be a Super Bowl. Halftime hoping to shine a layoff police shootings and the NFL's treatment of the player who started the take a knee movement. Colin Kaepernick Grigg says he's already contacted some of the biggest music acts in the world asking them to forego any offer from the NFL to perform at the Super Bowl in Atlanta this year and ask for rapper. Travis Scott reportedly confirmed to perform at halftime Griggs hopes to convince him to pull out as well. Pete combs, WSB and flying high into the college football hall of fame here in Atlanta, literally flying high the iconic Goodyear blimp has reached new heights as an honorary member of the college football hall of fame the first non player or coach to be inducted the blimp began flying over college games at the Rose Bowl in nineteen fifty five and since then this covered more than two thousand games, a new exhibit at the hall here in Atlanta will showcase historical blimp artifacts video footage and pictures says Archie manning college players and fans know that when the Goodyear blimp shows up it's a big game. Chris camp WSB WSB news time, six thirty four.

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