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Was discussion of whether or not I wanNA do some form of degree in computer science. I'm still kind of on defense. I'm not entirely sure I'm twenty one so I think there's quite a bit of time to honestly on you could've frank with you or they these a lot better meaning. That really enjoyed college. Every ten years suffered through agree. Who is working crazy? So it's not like you know There's a there's definitely two types of people who succeed typically You know and someone. Who's WHO's technically academics. Wondering where you're going to go with that. Well you got words that academia. Yeah I love it. I'm I was built for. It's my favorite. That was not what you told me. I don't recommend it to most people. It's not something that everyone should do. It shouldn't be the standard and you can waste a lot of money and time doing it by not having a clear clear goal of what you're trying to do especially if you're forcing yourself to do it and you're not cut from. That cloth is used to the higher Tolerance gets Parcels depends on. It depends on where you are what you're doing the SPEC that variants men Curriculum across schools for different degrees. It's so different than if you can't give broad broad statements about that like for me. I think I had. I was incredibly lucky with where I went and who I was taught by shapes you I am today and gave me a lot of the skills that I have which is let them success but like I know a lot of people in very similar situations in some cases by classmates who did not have the same for me it worked really well and I do it over and over and over again if I had to the money time and lack of responsibility I would be a professional student for the rest of my life. I would have multiple. Phd's and just stay in school. That's what's been interesting but like that's not a lot of people don't want to do that. Is is definitely definitely not over the way but we those people. I'm not trying to sell Donald as you say was dibble's benefit. I think from an Burgum. Joining should click technologists. Change quite a bit in terms of access to information so you can get access to a lot of the information that was typically walled off during a some education course like some degree. Don't get typically. I think we as a society are trying to figure out ways of doing. It is the wisdom associated with how you get that information. What order to take it in Gotcha IS IN MY OPINION. An expert as someone who knows exactly what not to do or experience or or making the mistake. I think a lot of Talk Design Huh. It's hard to do that on the Internet. You end up wasting it is. I learned that way. That's how I learned. I.

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