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Who is? Is the best thing. And then put might hear about right here. My people bunches right here. If you make anything at home yourself not. Anybody. That's right here. You feel my pillbox is right here. Send it to me I will try to blow it up on my podcast and love candidate. Even just think at the end of video where it's not there now, but it's here now. It's here my name's right here. Your hands. It's. And then alerted from Casey Nike. Co Box and people will just send them. And I make these time. Like and he just got. He got like hover boards. He got all this crazy. People. Don't send you mean Steph. She's. Getting into anthrax. Swirl next. dixie flag with A. Bad got some bad stuff. Scared scared. I mean. Supposed to talk about it for security reasons. They say! If you get set anything and encourages copycats. God I got. This thing what were the made think? Leave, the hotel rooms and like really crazy. It's hard to say. You need to the pictures, but it was really funny. It would put. My shoes under the under the curtain, so you can see my shoes sticking out and then just leave them there I put on my pants up and put my legs sticking up onto the bed or is. It was funny, but I guess I'm death threats because? some guys like I hope you find it funny funny when I come in, kill your family. Leave him like this for you. And I was like fully shit, and so I had to fucking get a company made. Offs Oh there's the second page. Melt sticks unsalted butter and a small pot over medium heat until it's foaming, but not beginning to Brown a real. Thanks. This Rachel. All right. This works. It does maximum. Okay, you see maximum. New Catch. Maximum comedy. Crisis Maximum. To put it in like a like a food processor. Where do the blender of blunders right here? Oh fuck you. Let me, GET READY! Three egg yolks three eight. Yeah, I know that amid holidays. Turns out I can only use one time. But. That's Okay Yeah she I. Three Two teaspoons water in a blender to teaspoons water. I Bet I can eyeball that. When I went I did. Have you ever done any international comedy tours? Like those humor? These South Africa I was supposed to do South Africa, but had to pull out of it. Instead of me for real. Yeah Jim. India with Keith Robinson a month in India. It was going to be five. So tells we get paid a truckload of money and the last minute they go, okay, just type your act out word for word because we have central police. Booth and you're like I don't know. I was like okay. I'll do it I, mean yes, it's going to be spelled wrong. Result Christmas. Comes out of the room out of his room with the piece of paper. With pencil written. Real on the paper and you GONNA go. How do I get this tool? Even Internet was of course. He's ninety seven. Read it. Isn't that caffeine going like this? Goes back. Going and Now before the stroke. We. Can't tell because. Yeah because he would type on his act. I've only done case that. A. With deputy. This can't be real kids. Like my sinus infections. Said something Grocer Bobby. Because I? Now. Did, they teach you that intolerance. Just use your fists to do the Big Yeah there. We go three I. Ran By the way we. Will Fuck. Almost not off. So. Oh my God. Let's the our biscuits are doing. I forgot to put. They're looking at good. Oh, there's a lot of teams. I, think this butter. Fucking, Is More. Subtle. Your Green screen. Police Academy. Holy. motherfuckers. cushy ten. Police Academy just can't Release Academy. They hire a prostitute to go to the podium. So when he gives us be starts blowing away, but Gutenberg's under there with them. Yeah, so. The play out. Is that when you walk away? Steve Gutenberg walks out. He's like. Oh, that's who blew me Water I can tell you what that looks like. teaspoons two teaspoons. Thank you for catching that. Maybe I should not do it in the baking powder. I have a teaspoon. Right here for you do I do. This, I believe is A. Table tables more. Teaspoon to here the tiniest. That looks like it right. Quarter Teaspoon. This is a teaspoon continuing. Vision going yes, removed brand glasses I can't read. Have Perfect vision of course you do. I really do and then convince. The butter in right now way. You got to blend it a little bit. Do. Stack landing in work very slowly. add the hot melted butter until it's in court. That'd be it to go lower house. Pretty good right there little. Stir. Up. Lower. Seems like it's going really fast, doesn't it? Like! On high just. Don't low. mix. Just. WHIP CISCO. Okay maybe. That's good the holiday sauce. Finger. Don't now. Maybe, it needs to be more maiden need more lemon, not telling us. Tim Needs something else kicker. And he's my lemon lemon.

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