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Hey robin this is the Ben Shapiro show that big stack our for you coming up here a little bit later on in the hour we'll be joined by Anthony Clark he is the former dean of Yale Law School he's gonna try to talk about exactly how our universities are failing to properly teach history we'll also be getting it to New York where the U. scores of students are really really bad but the good news is they're focusing like a laser on the things that matter namely the racial constituency of various public schools I have can perform what the color of the kid's skin is so that's always that's always great but we begin at this hour with president trump apparently engaging in it at what the what used to be a two front war with the federal reserve chairman Jerome Howell and also China so that's kind of odd yeah the the White House is obviously concerned about the possibility of a negative economic downturn The Washington Post is reporting that top White House advisers notified president trump earlier this month at some internal forecasts show that the economy could slow markedly over the next year stopping short of recession a complicating his path to reelection in twenty twenty the private forecast one of several delivered to president trump and described by three people familiar with everything contrasts sharply with the triumph and rhetoric the president and his surrogates have repeatedly used to describe the economy even as his aides warned of the business climate at risk of faltering the president has been portraying the economy to the public as a phenomenal and incredible by the way this is the opposite of that strategy Hey good strategies you undersell you over deliver he said things like we expect the economy to continue to grow at a solid steady rate and then if you over performing like all my god we blew it out again this year it's amazing guys this is also how you should operate within the context of the marriage you shouldn't tell your wife I'm getting the world's best birthday gift you say you know I'm not gonna get something for you I really thought too much about it then you get or something that's like mid nice it really surpass expectations this is fantastic and all that job performance right like everybody comes in here every morning I like we're gonna do the best job ever like what we're gonna do a crap job and if they do mediocre job I'm so happy so happy well you know that's really what you want Bill Clinton was an expert at this by the way Bill Clinton used to spend a lot of time kind of under selling what he was going to accomplish and then he accomplish something and people in it all my he gave us so much more than we could ever possibly dream president trump is an over promise rings like everything's been nomina it's gonna be the greatest the best most delightful unbeliever is it well some of the time that's true and some of the time that's a little of an over so in any case the president is obviously feeling the pressure on the one hand he is attacking the federal reserve chairman on the other hand he is attacking the government of China so which one is he just buys more unclear we'll start with his rip on Jerome health is the fed chair now the reason he's going after the fed chair is because of the federal reserve chairman from hell came out today and he said I don't even know whether we're going to lower rates he said I don't know whether to lower rates because the fundamentals of the economy are pretty strong I don't know if I'm going to inflate the currency at this point he gave a speech today in which he said the president trump's trade war is complex turbulent situation which is true he said the central bank will act as appropriate to sustain the expansion is that our economy is in a favorable place he added there are significant risks from slowing growth global growth and the US China trade fight which of course is also true this led president from to lash out at both pal and China he tweeted out as usual the fed did nothing it is incredible he says that they can speak without knowing more asking what I'm doing which will be announced shortly we have a very strong dollar and a very weak fat I will work brilliantly in scare quotes again with both that's Oscar chords work okay our brilliantly with both and US will do great my only question is who is our bigger enemy J. pal or chairman G. well I mean I'm gonna go with probably the guy who's threatening to run takes over protesters in Hong Kong and not the guy who runs the federal reserve as like who is the bigger American enemy that's pretty wild statement the president trump has been just full of wild statements this week from declaring himself Jesus Christ to apparel so apparently being unable to decide whether or not Jerome Powell the fed chair is the bigger enemy then she's in paying the head of a communist foreign power who declared himself dictator has threatened every independent country in the immediate region is growing its naval power and is expanding extraordinary resources in order to intimidate everybody in the area pretty sure and she's in pain don't don't quote me on it that's what I would go with a self first ripping a drum hell because drum house at a couple of things one is that the economy is doing pretty well second that there are risks any didn't make clear what the federal reserve is going to do because why would he bring commit to lowering the rates when the economy is actually pretty solid and a lot of where the economy goes depends on the freight where the trump is fighting with China trump and his advisers have privately discussed ways apparently to change who gets to vote on interest rate levels at the fed which would politicize the fat and the fed was never designed for this it was never supposed to be overtly political when it has been using overtly political ways as was by FDR it is been a giant economic fail stocks dropped sharply after trump's tweets suggesting he's preparing Morris allegation against China with the D. it with the Dow Jones industrial average falling something like six hundred points today that's that's just what we needed that's great can trump announced that he's going after trying to sell it turns out that maybe he made up his mind and you've been paying is indeed the enemy all right fair enough in again I think that we should have been treating China much more seriously as a geopolitical enemy for decades at this point I think there is a good case to be made we had to open up China back when they were allied with the USSR in order to separate them off from the U. S. S. R. and collapse in on itself the Soviet Republic but after that I am not sure that in bold inning Chinese power by continuing to trade with them and mercantilist fashion has been of benefit to the world and to the United States on a geopolitical level I need a Namik level it has been because free trade is always good for the economy but it is not necessarily good for America's place in the world to have a geo political rival that is a dictatorship expressly directed against us in any case president trump tweeted out today our country has lost stupidly trillions of dollars with China over many years it's still on our intellectual property and rate of hundreds of billions of dollars a year fact check truth and they want to continue fact check also true is I won't let that happen okay so far so good on board that's fine he says we don't need China and frankly would be far better off without them okay that is what you mean by that if you means that it's not going to hurt us economically not afraid to try to that of course is selling a free trade is always good for the United States economically over the long haul in the broad spectrum after each individual industry some industries will outsource some industries will move but overall the United States is economy is stronger now than it was twenty years ago because of free trade which is why you have all sorts of cool stuff in your pocket right now I'm says the vast amounts of money made and stolen by China from the United States year after year for decades well and must stop well I mean I know I'd want to stop the amount of money made by them must really you're you're treating them as geopolitical threat which again I think it's fine I called earlier on the show today the president should make a national address to the American people explicitly saying what his strategy is with China characterizing China as what they are if you call them an enemy of the United States and let's hear what need to mobilize the American people if you're asking them to sacrifice entrance as they this is where he gets into territory that is just bizarre is our great American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China okay that's not how any of this works the president of the United States Barack Obama or George W. bush for Donald Trump unless you leverage unless he actually uses sanctions you don't get you just go on Twitter me like I hereby order you to stop doing business with a country upon which there are no sanctions that's not what the president does he is not the king is not the dictator of Brock about had done this with all the love it you should be living when the executive the chief executive of the United States the executive in chief when he says the commander in chief that he orders you to stop doing things yeah I'm not on board with that if you want to clear sanctions for national security reasons god knew that then you have the power of law behind you but this is the equivalent of that episode from the office for Michael Scott wants to declare bankruptcy and so you literally walked into the middle of the office and just shouts all right Clara bankruptcy you can't just go wandering shot I hereby order all businesses to stop doing business with China or what we have a legislature here and is it a mockery say it's Republic is also representing government things we gotta do here so trump says go back to the other pre please he says are great American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China including bringing your company's home and making our products in the USA I will be responding to China's tears this afternoon this is a great opportunity for the United States well if you're a great opportunity for the United States you know the thing is you would have to order a company town he normally what I'm offering somebody a great opportunity and like you know what I've got a steal the.

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