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You'll them i actually cannot answer that question for you uh the only way to know i guess is to be in russia when they uh they land from the soyuz and um and and and be right there if everybody gives them the hollywood hug the we know i remember that they're very brave and courageous people and they really really contribute a lot to our knowledge of uh uh both medicine and space as well as her on earth thus julie lien wong cheese and aerospace medicine physician and yes 100 percent agreed astronauts are doing amazing work for the good of humanity but i'm sure even astronauts as wonderful as they are get testy sometimes inspace your colleagues become your roommate's your living and working on top of each other and your boss his back on earth are issuing commands from mission control max green takes us to a time when tensions boiled over its 1973 moon morning sermon three austronautics or about two rocket to nearly three hundred miles above the surface of your the scarlett for astronauts trained for several years but mission captain gerry car says the trouble started bright that on takeoff florida guys have described that reuters leg roy gonna train was core wheels juries 84 now and lives in vermont he says shirt there were expecting a bumpy ride but it was so bad the bill pogue inexperienced demonstration pilot whose nickname ironically was iron belly threw up we looked at him as a good lord this guy as a former thunderbird.

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