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Helping i'm sure teams practice at playing two on one favoring the defense on jump balls all right let's see no number where we seven that is keen o'neil number six is eric berry coming off the achilles drop down the list a little bit and number five devin mccourty neal is the guy that you've cited as sort of the counter to the chess piece approach that that some of these teams are using as far as splitting out tight ends or fullbacks to kind of tip coverages neal is a guy the falcons have put out there at cornerback sometimes and sort of decided he could in spots hold up at at cornerback will because what they did with him so a lot teams will put their safety out at corner against a detached or split wide tight end and play man to man and that's the safeties job but the falcons have started to play zone with that safety others so he's a cover three corner and that's what's different it's hard to play zone coverage at a different position because in mantoman it's how you've always plays how you played football when you're eight years old it's just you got him yup follow him around i mean in the simplest crudest terms in zone you've got this area relative to him relative to that other guy relative the formation relative to the other defender around you that's a lot more to figure out and play to and that's a different technique it's more refined it's harder to do and so most safeties cannot just jaunt over the corner and then play zone coverage kiana neil has started to and i think we'll see more of that this season.

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