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Will forever be the guy that traded away in one of our best players in franchise history. They've got a lot of GMs that have traded away. Great players. You know, bottle trades away O Reilly, and he might not be one of the greats in franchise history. But you've got Dwight Hash chick You've got right. Darcy trades away. Brian Campbell. Darcy didn't write didn't resign. Briere nor Drury. You know, like you. You've got a lot of players in the history of the French. Michael Peca was traded, right? Mm hmm. It's a It's a thing. One thing that I would say and this is something I think to always look for what message stays despite people changing And that came out yesterday to which is something Ralph Krueger said. An awful lot that Adams said again yesterday so important that we have open communication we have. We have great communication. We don't have great communication here. He went on to talk about it again, which means I mean, I think it's a pretty safe bet that comes from ownership. Owners to the owners. Communication is a very important word. Yes, right. Very important word between the GM and the coach between those guys and ownership, the GM and the coach and the players, Right. Hey, Dan. Bosma. Go have a you know. Was it plasma who, Murray said needs to be in the locker room having a cup of coffee with the players every now and then. Yeah. I think that is a buzzword in the for the coach or how whatever it looks like they are. They want to be seen as an organization where everybody's on the same page and Lockstep or synergy or a lot of different ways to say it, But I mean Ralph when they would be losing four games in a row. You talk about how everybody's buying in the communication is tremendous. Okay, thanks. You know, okay. Yeah, well, the results weren't showing on the ice. So you can course doesn't miss the whole point You could buy in. You could like a guy. I mean, it sounds like a number of the guys liked Ralph Krueger personally, but it was a disaster in terms of a coaching situation, so likability and all that stuff buying in goes out the window if you're not actually producing on the ice, but they bought into Granado from what Kevyn Adams said yesterday. So they have that going forward, I guess. It's a Friday morning. We have some other stuff to get to as well. But of course, we opened up the Sabres Zoom call yesterday. Paul is going to join us at seven. Talk a little bit more about that. We'll get in on the There's not much really new to report. About Jack Eichel, but we'll talk a little bit about that as well. We'll talk NHL draft on the show. Today We are three weeks away from the NHL draft round one of the NHL draft. Ryan Wagman will join us from McCain's hockey at 8 30. And, uh, let's see what else I don't know. We'll come up with other stuff. Over the course of the day we have win cash coats. So we try and give away $1000 A and three times during the show 80305 50 to join us 8885 52 5 50 with whatever is on your mind sabers or something else You can share an opinion all morning on W. G. R. You're listening to Howard and Jeremy on the home of the Bills. W G R Sports radio 5 50 all sports all the time. Who have we all had a little trouble social distancing from here's a clue..

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