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Farm his gun and they shoot the bank sign i mean this movie is saying violence is our only way out of this it's the only thing that's gonna make you happy that's the first time these guys smile and now kind of brings us to the point where we go all right so this movie is forty two on the list of the af is top one hundred films of two thousand and seven do we feel like this is an appropriate place for this movie it's about about middle okay with it i really loved the movie rewatching at this time i love love loved it i loved it so much i learned it i left it the way bonnie clyde yeah i don't know if i need it to be in the thirties i think if it was in the sixties it'd be too low hovering where we are i think it's interesting because i've been going back and forth about where i put two thousand and one and i feel like two thousand and one in this movie go hand in hand in a certain way because they brought forth a new style of filmmaking that has influenced so many things when i was watching this movie i was like oh well without bonnie and clyde there's no dukes of hazzard which is from tristan standpoint the furthest you can get this is the guy who plays frank hammer is jesse in the dukes of hazzard are you know and it and it was and i just love that idea that this film inspired so many people and so many mothers and fathers showed this to their kids and those are the kids who are making movies now and i feel like this is the door that opened to them i talked to so many people who love this movie and have such a connection to it from their childhood so i do feel like this may be the perfect spot for films that blew open the door for so much more you know i think that that that is an interesting way to kind of look at this you know it definitely is a great movie but now it's almost been trumped by people who've combined comedy and violence and drama i mean quentin tarantino is a perfect example of someone who really dives into this in a major major way and it's kind of blown this out in in a way that for me was my first exposure to this but without this film there's no winter ten i think tarantino does this really well the bonnie and clyde shows you that you can't do this without grounding it in characters who really love each other that's why go back to my true romance idea true meant i think tony scott is a great director as well and that movie i love alabama and clarence i think they are an amazing couple and you watch them make all these bad decisions and you watch them get deeper and deeper into trouble and they didn't need to get that trouble but you buy it they are they are the bonding clyde of the hollywood and cocaine they're not they're not brabin banks but they're doing like a weird cocaine deal in the middle of crappy la so i think we're both in agreement this movie is properly placed it is but you know what i'm gonna give you the last word today named e w jones is the real life person that cw moss was based on because after buying comes out he's still alive he gives an interview to playboy magazine and this is his review of it he said the only thing that ain't plum silly the way they play it is the gun battles them was real enough to almost make me hurt the way they showed clyde is all wrong clyde never bragged moss was a dumb kid who run errands and doug what clyde told him that was me all right but they messed up showing moss as driver of the car so much and haven't him fixed on it all the time we'd junk a car if anything went wrong with it and get another one that buddy and cloud movie made it look all sort of glamorous but like i told them teenage boys sitting near me at the drive in show in it take it from an old man who was there it was hill i mean there's other that's amazing and i love that he was interviewed about this movie the best review we could possibly get and.

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